Saturday, May 22, 2010

Paper Towel Wreath

I know the title makes you think oh a kids craft.
It can be, but it can also be so elegant!!
I recently redecorated my living room in the
Blues and Greens I've been wanting so badly.
I even got momma to arrange a floral vase for me.
It LOOKS AWESOME, but that's for yet another post.
So when I saw this tutorial
from Nicole I just had to try it out.

The first one I made was very cute, pastel,
and very small, about 12 inch wreath.
When I went to put it on my front door I was soon bummed.
It looked so tiny!
And as cute as the pink was it wasn't my style,
so I opted for a BIG, BETTER Wreath.
I got the first wreath frame at dollar tree.
So I went to Walmart in search for a larger frame
and was able to find a twig type frame for about $3.50.
It was perfect!

I had everything ready to get started but I was also
stressing out and supper busy with getting the house
ready for my first Tupperware Party.
My Friend Jennifer came to the rescue and
she calmed me down and we worked happily on
the wreath the night before the party.
Jennifer is awesome and she's truly become part
of the family and I'm so excited to say something
so beautiful was made possible by her!
Thank you Jennifer for calming me down and helping
to create this lovely piece for my home.
Oh and thank you Nicole for sharing this amazing idea!
Here it is:

BTW, Jennifer went home that night with the original wreath :).