Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Graduation, Cheerleaders & Jewelry...

Just when you think life is about to calm down there's new developments! This last week was fun but exhausting! My brother-in-law graduated from U of A on Saturday and the preparation to get us there was overwhelming.

First there was planning to get everyone to enjoy a lunch together to celebrate him. Then what we're we going to dress the Girls in? And me, I needed a cute outfit! (My outfit mattered to no one but me BTW.)

To many this wouldn't seem like such a big deal, but we are so proud of Daniel and all he has achieved and we wanted to make his day special.

You see, Uncle Daniel "loves his nieces to pieces" and has been hinting at having them wear U of A outfits. Justin and I just ignored the hinting. But with Graduation and Lots of family getting together we figured now was the perfect time to fulfill his wish. With lots of searching online we found the girls UofA cheerleading outfits. With in a couple days those were delivered. Then their hair pieces. Justin wanted pom-pom bows and the cutest thing I could think of was korker bows.

So I learned with the help of You tube how to create my own korker bows.

Then it was finding tennis shoes, 2 pairs of course. A couple hours at the mall with just 1 pair in sight. But thankfully Target was nice enough to carry an even cuter set with BLING x 2! Finally the outfits were together.

Then it was my turn. I've been wanted to make my own jewelry with risen flowers for quite some time and after stocking up on items I finally did.

With the help of my mom and dad, the girls arrived to lunch with family rocking their new outfits. Uncle Daniel was so excited when he saw them!

Uncle Daniel with his little Cheerleaders. Congrats, Daniel, we are all so proud of you!

Saturday Turned out to be a great day and we hope Daniel enjoyed it as much as we did.