Monday, October 18, 2010

Mini Update!

Later this week I hope to update the blog.
It's been FOREVER.
We've been busy with many many things.
Scrapbooking Classes, Crops, LOTS of
Tupperware, A last minute decision
today to throw a Halloween Party,
plus very important family matters.
And I hate to say this but the rest of
the year is looking just as booked :0),
both good and bad.
So If I get a chance I'll
be here with little tidbits.

I REALLY hope to share with you later this
week the many fun things I've done for
decorating the house for Halloween with
nothing but DOLLAR STORE items. YAY!!
(I have more things to do still!! Yikes!)

MAJOR BONUS!! I completed my very first
REAL Sewing project last night!!
I can't wait to show you all!
Even the hubby is surprised and extra proud.
He helped me just alittle with the finishing
touches but I did the main parts!
BTW, he sews and I have avoided the sewing
machine as much as possible until now.
Like my fortune cookie said today:
"Nothing Dared, Nothing Gained!"

I know I also need to announce the
Winner of the Last Challenge.
So I'll be getting that done too!

Thank you all for following the blog
and Happy Scrappin'!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Interactive Card Class

Hello Friends,

I have finally completed the kits
for this week's Interactive Card Class.
I wish I could say the ideas were flowing
easily, but they weren't so that's why
there's a delay in posting the cards.

Each Kit comes with written
instructions and a photo of each card.
Classes will be held
Oct 13 and Oct 16 from 11-3 PM.

Since the cards are interactive a video
was needed to show how each one works.

Waterfall Card

Slider Card

Side Step Card

Box Pop-Up Card

Swing Card
I wasn't going to to a 5th card, but when
I saw this one I knew it had to be done.

There are SO many interactive cards to be
made that this may be a series of classes.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spooky Sexy Can

Colleen did fantastic work with her can!
I think I need to make one with the Halloween Theme too!

The girls were able to pick from my
many monthly kits. So when Colleen
choose the Halloween Themed one I was
curious what she was up to! She created
this wonderful, fun and spooky can to be
used later on in the season as a "BOO" can.

How to start the tradition:

1. Create a "Boo" bag/basket o' goodies
(if this is new in your neighborhood, you may want to create 3 or 4)
2. Print a "Boo" gram.
3. Find your unsuspecting target
4. Make the "drop"
5. Ring the doorbell and knock
6. RUN!!!

I LOVE this idea and think
I might try it this year.

Unfortunately, Colleen will be moving soon.
We're going to miss her terribly.
But, we might get to have her visit once and a while!
Thanks Colleen for brightening
all our lives with your laughter!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Destination Sexy Can

Saving up for a future trip can be
hard work, but as long as you have
some where as beautiful as this to
deposit your savings it makes it easier.
Mom's can give you the urge to to travel
all over the world and taken in the sights.

The vintage style of the can is so beautiful!

About Vintage Scrapping
(Click here for more information)

Vintage scrapbookers try to make their projects resemble family albums from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Trademarks of the vintage style include:

~Pages that make liberal use of brown, tan, cream, black, grey, and other neutral colors
~Embellishments such as buttons, keys, old postcards, and pressed flowers
~Use of newspapers, handwritten letters, or maps as background elements
~A collage-inspired design, as opposed to the clean and simple look favored by contemporary scrapbook artists
~Handwritten journaling
~Use of script or typewriter fonts for title treatments
~An emphasis on projects that include genealogical research

While the vintage style doesn't appeal to everyone, it can be fun to try this look even if you normally take a more modern approach to your projects. Part of the appeal of scrapbooking is experimenting with different creative approaches!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hoot Hoot Sexy Can

Momma (or Dee to all our friends)
LOVES to go BIG and BOLD so her
first can fits her personality well
and matches her scrap area perfectly!

10 Ways to use with Twine * Ribbon on your projects:
Click here for more information.

1. Add a bow: An elaborate bow or a ‘cheat’ bow - a knot in a piece of twine/ribbon which is then stuck on with a glue dot. Trim the edges for a bit of elegance.
2. Anchor a journaling block: The ribbon can go underneath the journaling block or stop at the sides making it look as though the ribbon is holding it in place. Add a couple of brads to finish it.
3. Attach to a ribbon slide: Hold a ribbon slide in place in a similar way to the journaling block
4. Add a border for a page: - horizontally, vertically or both.
5. Make stems for flowers
6. Make a tab holder: Accent a photo with an oddment of ribbon and a brad. Not all ribbon is used by the yard or that should read the ‘foot’ as on a 12 x 12 layout! ‘Hold’ a journaling block in place with a tab, again made from an oddment of ribbon. Or make a handle to pull out a hidden journaling tag.
7. Add ‘leaves’ to a flower or a tail to an accent like this Brad Buddy
8. Decorate a photo mat: This photo has been placed on a large mount and the extra space is wrapped with ribbon to which star brads have been added.
9. Give your photograph a ribbon treatment: Note the pretty lace ‘hanging’ at the right of the photo hiding/disguising the empty space and at the same time framing the photograph
10. Add a ‘word’ ribbon: even on a male layout! There are many examples available in various scrapbooking ranges, or you can stamp your own.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Splish Splash Sexy Can

Summer is offically over but that
certianly doesn't mean you can plan for
the future and next summer's vacation!
Jennifer created her can to be
used for her vacation savings!
She's a smart lady getting started now!

Don't you just love the big flower on the side?
Jennifer's can leaves me dreaming of the ocean!

Silk and Paper Flowers
Silk flowers are available in sizes from
small to giant! Some are designed specifically
for scrapbooking, but you can also pick up
inexpensive ones at discount stores. Don’t be
afraid to place flowers so that part of them
extends off of the page; simply trim the
overhanging part to fit your page inside a page
protector. Silk and paper flowers are best
adhered using brads or eyelets or buttons
stitched as centers.

When using Dollar Store Silk Flowers
keep in mind they are not acid free!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flutter Sexy Can

The colors of Elisabeth's Sexy Can and
the fact that there is a butterfly on
the side of the can makes my heart Flutter!
Elisabeth used the Bo Bunny "Flutter Butter"
line for this beautiful can.

I LOVE how she did the belt line using
the green paper and a border punch.
It add so much depth to the layering.

Here’s how most decorative punches work:
(Visit this link for more information and photos!)
•Start with a strip of paper.
Place it in your punch. Punch once.
•Slide the strip down the punch,
placing it on top of the guide mark.
Many of today’s decorative border
punches have guide marks printed on
them, showing you exactly where to
set your paper when you punch.
Punch again.
•Slide the paper again. Place it
again over the guide mark. Punch yet
again. Repeat this step until your
border is long enough for your project.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Elengant & Bright Sexy Can

Bea's can is seriously beautiful!
The bright & big flower makes the can.

Bea got to learn how to use Rub-ons
for the first time with this project
and the result is beautiful!

A few tips when working with rub-ons:
1. Always separate the image you want by
cutting it away from the others in the
package. This will help make sure you don't
over lap and use images you don't want.
2. Most packages of rub-ons come with a
burnishing tool, usually just a Popsicle
stick. The Popsicle stick will work but
may cause damages to your project, such
as tearing, scratching or denting. Using
a bone folder or tool made just for rub-ons
like the
Basic Grey Rub-on Tool will help
make sure your images is transferred with
clear and smooth results.
3. Not all rub-ons are manufactured the same.
You may have to press harder on some rub-ons
than others. Always store your rub-on in a
cool dry place. Leaving your rub-ons in a hot
car for instance can result in rub-ons that no
longer work as well.
4. The easiest place to use the rub-ons is on
a flat surface like card stock, patterned paper
or photographs. After you have mastered rub-ons
for flat surfaces you can move on to the next
level which would be using rub-on transfers on
material, ribbon, twill, glass, metal and mesh.

Happy Scrappin'!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Parade of Sexy Cans!

During the next week, each
"Sexy Can" created during class
this past week will be posted with a
short bio and more detailed photos.
Tips and more will also be posted with
each can so be sure to check back each day!

What makes a "Sexy Can" sexy?
When covering a can, a 12x12 sheet of paper does
not meet in the back leaving about an inch and
a half gap. So to cover the back without adding
more paper we've added eyelets and ribbon/
to create a corset. Super Sexy, huh?

Here's a sneak peek:

These wonderful ladies have been
a great support system with this
venture and I greatly appreciate
each and every one of them.
The best thing is we all support
and enjoy each other's company.
Thank you, Ladies!

Scheduled Premier Dates:
10/4: Bea "Elegant & Bright"
10/5: Elisabeth "Flutter"
10/6: Jennifer "Splish Splash"
10/7: Dolores "Hoot Hoot"
10/8: Dolores "Destinations"
10/9: Colleen "Spooky"

Saturday, October 2, 2010


This past two weeks we were
asked to use a bingo card.
Team Nikki was required to use one of
the four corners to create a 12x12 LO.
I chose a corner with 4 pattern papers,
2 wallet sized photos,Stitching,
& hand written journaling.

I just have a few more photos I'd like
to scrap from our recent trip to Carr
Canyon so this was a perfect opportunity.

I've been wanting to try the
layered borders technique for a
while as well as the banner idea!
I Used my wonderful EK Border punches
and my one Martha Stewart punch to create
the pattern paper Kraft back ground.
For the Banner I used my Cricut and Gypsy.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Craftastic Challenge #18 (10/1-10-31)

I am no longer able to send packages
to international countries.
Participants must be in the US.

Are you ready for challenges?

Here's the details:

Below you'll find 4 challenges.
2 LO Challenges, 1 Card Challenge and 1 Altered Item Challenge.
You are not being asked to do all challenges, though.

For each Challenge you submit to me your name will be
entered into a "raffle" for the monthly RAK.
So if you do one challenge you will be entered once, do 4
then you'll be entered 4 times.
This is just a way to Challenge you and give you the chance
to try new techniques.
If you have suggestions on RAKs or Challenges let me know
and I'll be more than happy to try to incorporate them.

Layout Sketch
For this one just follow the sketch and make it your own at the same time.
This Sketch is brought to you by the talented Becky Fleck of

Layout Shopping List
Use at least 3 of the following items in a LO.
~ 1 5x7 Size Photo
~ 3+ Brads
~ Stripes
~ Color Purple
~ 2+ Ribbons
~ Journal Tag
~ Stickles
~ Pearls
~ Heat Embossing
~ Paper Clip
~ 3 types of Patter Paper
~ Handmade Embellishment

(If you combine LO Challenges 1 & 2 your name will be entered an extra time, so instead of 2 chance to win the RAK it'll be 3.)

Card Sketch
Follow the sketch and make it your own at the same time.
This Sketch is brought to you by the talented Becky Fleck of

Outta the Box
Scrapbooking is expensive, but so much fun!
Your challenge this months is find a container
in your home and alter it to be a coin bank!
You can use this for any type of savings,
but one way is everytime you complete
a project place $1 in the bank.
This will help pay for future projects or layouts!

Submitting your work is easy,
either post a comment here with the
link or email me a photo @
Just make sure to put in the Subject Line
"Craftastic Challenge #18"
and the Title(s) of your project(s).
Multiple entries for a challenge are welcomed!
Challenge ends October 31, 2010.

I am no longer able to send packages
to international countries.
Participants must be in the US.

Now for goodies!!
I'll be adding a mini
album to all RAKs when there are more
than 10 entries for the Challenge.

Here is the Prize:

Have fun ladies and I can't
wait to see what you create!!