Monday, May 25, 2009

BBTB Bookmark Challenge

BBTB: Bitten By the Bug is so awesome for inspiration on how to use your Cricuts and Cuddle Bugs. I love checking out what the ladies do with their carts. This one is for the bookmark option on the Animal Kingdom. You should check out the site even if you don't have a bug of your own, there's tons of inspiration to be found.

Here's what I did for the challenge:

I loved this challenge it was super simple and very fun! I used scrap paper and a couple embellishments.

I hope you all had a safe and happy weekend.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Felt Flower Bouquet Tutorial

I've had this sitting forever and finally uploaded it to you tube. Simple steps to making your own Felt Flower Bouquet.

Here's the finished Felt Flower Bouquet that I posted a while back.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Amazing Guy

I don't praise my husband as much as I should and this week we're going to be celebrating our 5 wedding anniversary. Justin is one totally amzing guy. Smart, creative, and fun to be with. As the journaling says on the LO!

He really is smart, we both LOVE going to historic sites and learning local history and he's quite smart about alot of things. He's the coolest sewing dude I've ever seen. The guy can work a sewing machine, making his own gear and even hemming up my pants for me. (I don't have a clue how to use a sewing machine so he comes in handy!) He's awesome when it comes to just hanging out and watching a movie or taking me shopping. I love that I can go into a craft store with him and he wanders off to do his own things with very few manly comments.

We've had some pretty rough patches but the good always out weighs the bad thankfully. Any who I LOVE Justin and everything he does for me and us as a whole.

Friday, May 22, 2009

May Kit from Tally Scrapper!

There's still a few left ladies so hurry and get one!! It's awesome! I got mine in the mail today along with my awesome Bad to the Bonefolder T-shirt from the NSD deal or no deal game!

Here's the kit:

Now the kit's pretty boyish so one tally sister is hosting a challenge to get you to use your May Kit for a femine page using a sketch from page maps.

Here's my LO:

This was a fun challenge and way faster than I had thought. I saw my kit and knew exactly what I wanted to use.

This is mom and I at the county fair when we had a moment alone. I can't express just how much my mom means to me, but some of the little things we do together mean alot.

Journaling reads:

I love my mom! Mom and I have become closer since we moved home in 2007. I love hanging out with her watching NCIS, doing our Tuesday-Wensday thing and our Target therapy!

Grrr... scrappy mojo was MIA most of the week and now that I have it I can't use it. Justin's off all weekend. I love him but he drives me bananas when he's bored.

OHHHHHHH!!!!! I got some awesome news though!! We'll be celebrating our anniversary next Friday. 5 years can you believe it?? I can't. It's gone by pretty quickly. I'm excited, though we have nothing planned. But I know he has something going on, he's not very sneaky about the bills.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Blinkie

I love my new blinkie!! Vicky made it for me and it was a total surprise!
It's aborable and I LOVE the PAWS! Thanks Vicky.

Okay ladies I'll be updating the blog challenge soon. Make sure to check it. I'll probably do it later only because I've gotta get ready to go to the post office. I know usually I send everything out on monday but I wasn't up to it. So today it goes out!! Yay!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Paper, Wood & Felt

Are some of items I've been working with the last couple days.

I got my card kit from a swap I'm in and this month's theme was wedding and anniversary. A theme I don't really work with. But I think my cards came out pretty good. And the kit was cute!



Then I worked on altering the Birdhouse for the Challenge RAK, but more information on how that works in the challenge post.

I saw this Idea and just had to try it. All you do is cut out felt flowers multiple sizes, layer them, sew them together add a button for the center, glue them to a skewer, tie a ribbon on the skewer for leaves and TA-DA a flower. I used an old soda bottle to arrange them in. Cute center piece for a party or a work desk and way cute gift.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blog Challenge #3

This one is Double Sketch Challenge! I always take alot of pictures and have a hard time picking only 1 or two to fit on a one page layout. So double Layouts are my favorite. Make it your own it doesn't have to be followed exactly. LO size is up to you. Due date is June 15th. Please leave a comment in the post with a direct link to you layout or email it to me at monteslori Good Luck Ladies have fun.

*Please make sure you have the right sketch I've changed it since posting originally.

RAK information stays the same. All who enter have their names entered once for a RAK if we reach 10 entries an extra RAK will be given. Only one entry per person. You Naughty Girls choose an altered project by me. So the lucky lady will pick one of the items below. Not only will she receive one of these items of her choice but a couple extra scrappy things, rub-ons and such. If we reach 10 entries than the second lady will get her choice of an item too.

Here's the RAK options:

In addition the 1st RAK will also include these goodies:

You can see the update here as well as my lo for the challenge!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Challenge Ladies Announced

According to

Blog Challenge #2 Results:

List Randomizer
There were 8 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

"Camping" by Erin

Congrats ERIN!
Here's her adorable LO!

Card Challenge Results:

List Randomizer
There were 7 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

Vicky #1

Congrats VICKY!!
Here's Vicky's Card ain't it cute!

And because I'm upset about not having 10 entries I need to make me happy and send the calendar out so I re-entered all the names from both challenges into also adding the extra entries for the cards.

List Randomizer
There were 15 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

Rowee #1

Congrats ROWEE!!
Here is Rowee's #1 entry. I LOVE it don't you?

Ladies please send me your Addresses soon. Raks will be going out no later than May 20th. Vicky I don't need yours girly I've got it!

Survivor Challenge Week 13

I completed my challenge for week 13 and I'm so excited with how it came out! With lots of help from my family I was able to make a super cute page.

-use fabrics on your layout CHECK
-of course you need some stitch on your page CHECK
-at least one photo CHECK

This is my Booster, in his coat that his dad made him to match his own uniform while he was in the military. Boo looks foward to wearing his coat when he sees it. I've included the rank as well as a couple strips of acu fabric, all from my husband's stash. And I actually stitched them all on by hand. Dad suggested the bottom row should be doggie ammo (treats). Too freakin cool!

And I completed a sign today too!

Yay!! Only an hour now for me to announce the Lucky Lady to get the Whimsey Jar. I'm kinda sad, we didn't reach 10 entries.


Okay as many of you know we have a total of 7 dogs in our house. 3 are mine and 4 are mom's. Well I'm officially the treat giver with dog biscuits and pop corn. I was buying them these cute pupcorn bags but it gets expensive ($2 for a mini bag) and their current treats are already expensive being that their home cooked with no preservatives by a very nice lady here in town. Zoey and Gizmo only like a certain type which are like a wafer so I have to buy those extra. Zoey will eat other treats but only after she's sure you won't be giving her the wafer.

So anywho pupcorn, easy peezey and yummy for humans too. I use the microwave popcorn with light butter. once it's popped I add cheese powder, salt and pepper. ONLY a little though to add taste. With the actual pupcorn it had like chicken flavor and beef but I have yet to try making that on my own.

So I gave the monsters a choice popcorn or cookies yesterday and as soon as they see the pop corn bag they go crazy. It's like a big deal treat they only get once every 2weeks or so. They all stay bouncey as the popcorn is a poppin', but once I sit on the floor with them the bouncey slows down until they all sit down and the popcorn eating begins. I eat some they eat alittle, I eat more they get a alittle more. One doggy at a time gets a piece. Big dogs get alittle more. If one gets outta line taking a piece from one of the others he/she misses 2 turns. They are getting so much better!

So I got pics this time. As you can see they are ignoring me. Brats!


Zoey (Mine), Booster (Mine), & Spike (Mom's) - (As you can see they've gutted that poor wiener dog):

Bonnie (Mom's), Clyde (Mom's) & Gizmo (Mom's):


Did you know these doggies are so smart that at times Boo will sit infront of the cabinet where the treats are and stay there till I give him a cookie. Yes he does give up after a while but he's adimit sometimes!

I finally got to play!

I've been beading alot lately, cleaning and reorganizing beads, completing unfinished sets, re-doing a few of mom's necklaces, and I even managed to do a spring bracelet and a rosary for my car. The beading felt like torture towards the end though. I was having scrapping withdrawals. But I finished up my last beading projects yesterday afternoon and got started on this cute little project.

It's card Kit!!
It's a little folder book and it holds 6 cards, 6 envelopes, 6 tags and a book of stamps. How cute is that!

Now why add tags? Well alot of times when I send out swaps or RAKs I like to add a card made by me and sometimes a note to a certain item in the box. The tag is the perfect way to do that. And the stamps? well I tend to miss place them often and this is a nifty way to know where they are.

I've been yapping too much I guess you want to see the kit by now so here it is:

Okay I also got to sneak this in a couple nights ago. It's not something I love but it's still kinda cute.

Now for my bead projects I'll share two of them with you since I was too lazy to take pictures of the rest.
A spring bracelet I'll be giving as a RAK on Tally. The lucky lady will be announced in the morning.

Here's the rosary I made for my new car! I gotta tell you!!! I got my own wheels again, not officially but pretty darn close! Mom bought a brand new PT cruiser and I'll be getting her old one which is totally cute and I've already come accustomed to driving for the past year.


A sexy picture of my car as Joe says:

Okay so just a little update on the challenges. We have 8 entries so far for the blog challenge #2 and 3 entries for the Card Challenge. So only 2 more entries to go before I send out a second RAK for the blog challenge #2. Send the word around ladies!! You only have until midnight central time to complete the layout and card challenges. Good luck ladies and happy scrappin' as always.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reminder for Challenges

Just a quick reminder:

Main Blog Challenge #2 and the mini card Challenge are ending in less than 4 days. Both are due midnight May 15th. Rak recipients will be announced on May 16th and new challenge will be started.

As of right now we only have 7 entries for the Blog Challenge #2. We have a goal of 10 so I can send out a second RAK.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Survivor Challenge Week 12

3 Flower Pictures
Stamped flowers with stickles
No pattern paper
Spring in the title
Hand written flower quote

This is at the Holy Trinity Monastery in St. David Az. They have a large artist gathering every year on mother's day weekend with plenty of vendors and some yummy food. This was totally worth the trip up there for flower pictures.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Ladies!

Happy Mother's Day everyone! That includes all ladies with "real" human children and those of us with Fur Babies and such.

I'm so excited!! I wasn't happy at all with how gifts went with mom this year. We're the type of family that if we all go out and one of us sees something we might like for our next birthday or holiday one of the others will get it for that person on the spot. I did that last weekend with mom. She was getting 1 of the Mexican dolls she wanted and couldn't take the second one that matched (it was a boy and girl set) so I got it for her. So she already knew that was her mother's day gift. How boring and so not fun.

Joe and I went to St. David today to the craft show and I didn't find a thing suitable enough. I have one little thing stashed but it's dinky. So I stayed bummed. As I was organizing my bead stash I came across a few picture charms and had the bestest idea!

I printed tiny pictures, 1 of each of her doggies and 1 of her and dad and placed them in the charms. Then I beaded two bracelets, one onyx and one tiger eye each with matching earrings. The charms have special places to dangle on the bracelets. Mom might not like the charm bracelet idea though to I included a large safety pin she can wear on a jacket or shirt and attach the charms.

Totally last minute but so very cool!

We're going to try and take mom to dinner tonight. I asked Justin to get flowers for her on his way home from work. I think I'll make her wait all day for her gift. LOL! I say that but I'm so not good at surprises!

What are your plans for the day? What did you get the mom in your life or what did you get? I'd love to hear about it!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Card Challenge w/RAK

I've been making alot of cards lately and would love to challenge you all to make at least one. Here's the deal, you make one card, leave me a direct link in the comments to find your card or email me a picture of your card at You may enter up to 3 cards. If you use my tutorial for a pop-up card let me know and I'll enter your name twice.

Example: Christy decides she going to make only 2 cards, but one is a pop up. She gets entered in 3 times for the RAK.
Vicky does all 3 cards and all are pop up she'll have her name entered 6 times.

Clear as mud?

Okay so what are you working towards? Well satisfaction of making a couple cards and having a chance at receiving a cute little bookmark or key chain of your choice and a cool set of journal cards from Fancy Pants.

Due Date for this is May 15th just like the Blog Challenge #2. The person who is picked for the RAK must let me know which charm she would like A, B, C, D E, or F as well as if she would like it as a bookmark or key chain when she sends me her addy.

Good Luck Ladies. I'll be making a slide show here to show off your works of art.

Challenge Entries: