Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pop-Up Card Tutorial

**Warning Tutorial may seem long but it honestly doesn't take long to make your card once you're started.

I found a tutorial on for this but the measurements and keeping up was a little hard for me so I thought I'd make it easier with a picture tutorial for my blog readers. This is a great way to use some of your bigger scraps.

Not all items are pictured it was a learning process :).
~ 1 pattern Paper (Mine measures 4"x12")
~ 1 regular piece cardstock (Mine measures 5 1/2"x12")
~ Adhesive, Tape Runner, Tape Roll, ect.
~ Pencil
~ Ruler
~ Corner Rounder
~ Trimmer with Scoring Blade or bone folder.
~ Ribbon
~ Stapler
~ Circle Punch
~ Exacto Knife

Step 1: Cut Cardstock and Pattern Paper
Cut your cardstock & Pattern paper down to 4"x5 1/2" pieces.

Step 2: Punch a half circle
Take your Pattern Paper and lay it over the Top of the Cardstock. They should lay perfectly over each other.

Take your circle punch and center it on the top of the paper and punch out a half circle. This will help later when pulling the pop up portion.

Step 3: Preparing to Cutting out the Center of the Card.
Take piece of scrap card stock and cut down to 2 1/2" x 3". You'll be using this to make guidelines for cutting the center of the pop-up portion.

Take your pattern paper and flip it upside down and lay the scrap piece in the center of the paper. Mark 3 sides , left, right, & bottom with solid lines around the scrap piece. Mark the Top with a dotted line.

Step 4: Cut the Center of the Card.
Take your Trimmer and insert your pattern paper to cut on the guide lines. Or take a ruler and exacto knife to cut on the guide lines. The ruler and exacto knife is my preferred method as I can see where I'm cutting better.

Step 5: Folding & Scoring of pop up portion.
Flip your pattern paper over and fold the top dotted line back.

Measure 1/4" from the edge of the flap and draw line for guide. Measure 1 3/4" from the edge and draw a line for guide.

Score and Fold at both lines.

Step 6: Making and attaching the Pull Strip.
Take your left over cardstock and cut another piece measuring 4 1/2" x 2 3/4". You want it slightly bigger than the opening you just cut from the pattern paper for sturdier pop-up and long enough to have a pull strip.

Take your pattern paper and flip over again. Apply adhesive to the smaller tab portion.

Line up your card stock with the tab as perfectly as possible.

Step 7: Making sure your pull flap works.
Take your pattern paper with the pull strip attached and layer it on your original Cardstock measuring 4" x 5 1/2".

Pull the tab to make sure it works.

Step 8: Closing up the Card.
Flip your pattern paper upside down.

Apply Adhesive to the left right and bottom edges.

Line up the piece of cardstock with the pattern paper and attach.

Your pop-up card is almost complete!
Step 9: Embellish your card.
I cut a 3 1/4" by 2 3/4" piece of card stock to layer over my pop-up door.

From there I embellished the piece with a stamped image and small flower.

To attach it I applied Adhesive to bottom portions of the pop-up flap.

Then I lined up the bottom of my embellished cardstock piece with the edge of the flap of the pop up and secured it.

From there I finished up the card. You can round the corners, attach ribbon to the pull flap. You can even embellish the flap and inside of the door. The ideas are endless. In this case I'm done; I'm not sure who I'd like to send it to so simple is good :). I want to use the inside for my message later on.

This is the 1st pop-up card I did. I'll be sending this one to my SIL, Chloe with an adorable necklace my buddy Erin made.

*If you make a Pop-Up card please share with us by commenting and leaving a link! I can't wait to see your creations! If you have questions let me know.
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