Friday, May 15, 2009


Okay as many of you know we have a total of 7 dogs in our house. 3 are mine and 4 are mom's. Well I'm officially the treat giver with dog biscuits and pop corn. I was buying them these cute pupcorn bags but it gets expensive ($2 for a mini bag) and their current treats are already expensive being that their home cooked with no preservatives by a very nice lady here in town. Zoey and Gizmo only like a certain type which are like a wafer so I have to buy those extra. Zoey will eat other treats but only after she's sure you won't be giving her the wafer.

So anywho pupcorn, easy peezey and yummy for humans too. I use the microwave popcorn with light butter. once it's popped I add cheese powder, salt and pepper. ONLY a little though to add taste. With the actual pupcorn it had like chicken flavor and beef but I have yet to try making that on my own.

So I gave the monsters a choice popcorn or cookies yesterday and as soon as they see the pop corn bag they go crazy. It's like a big deal treat they only get once every 2weeks or so. They all stay bouncey as the popcorn is a poppin', but once I sit on the floor with them the bouncey slows down until they all sit down and the popcorn eating begins. I eat some they eat alittle, I eat more they get a alittle more. One doggy at a time gets a piece. Big dogs get alittle more. If one gets outta line taking a piece from one of the others he/she misses 2 turns. They are getting so much better!

So I got pics this time. As you can see they are ignoring me. Brats!


Zoey (Mine), Booster (Mine), & Spike (Mom's) - (As you can see they've gutted that poor wiener dog):

Bonnie (Mom's), Clyde (Mom's) & Gizmo (Mom's):


Did you know these doggies are so smart that at times Boo will sit infront of the cabinet where the treats are and stay there till I give him a cookie. Yes he does give up after a while but he's adimit sometimes!
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