Saturday, March 28, 2009

Survivor Challenge Week 7, ect

Dream Job Rules:

1. Create a layout (any size) about your dream job - Check
2. NO photos...this is a dream, right? - Check
3. Use the color yellow in your title. - Check
4. Use a neutral background (white, black, or kraft cardstock). - Kraft Check
5. Use LOTS of color to enhance your dream job description. - Check
6. Include a die cut or clip art image of something that has to do with your dream job. - Check

I choose Archive Technician. Working at the Casemate Museum even as a manger of the gift shop I had to learn the post's history as well as the surrounding areas' history. I was usually the only "live" person vistors would see so all questions would have to be answered by me. I was able to not only work the GS but take part in getting displays ready for the public, help with tours, and other programs being held at the museum. I've always liked history, but this took me to a whole new experiance with history. I would love to be a Archive Technician in a large museum one day.

I couldn't find a die cut I though fit the museum theme so I made one! I used the National Museum of Natural History in DC as my inspiration.

I've been asked a few time about how I store my scrap paper. I don’t have the greatest of methods at the moment for paper storage. I currently have a shelf system with the 12x12 clear boxes you can get at Michael’s. It’s not nearly enough for the amount of paper I have though. There are 6 bins total. Red, Brown, Pink, Purple, Orange and Yellow Cardstock are in one bin. Blue, Green, Black, White and Grey are in a separate bin. The pattern paper is divided up the same way according to the dominate color. Paper stacks like k&company, basic grey, and others are in the last 2 bins. I also have a shelf in the cabinet for more paper. I have magazine holders for 8x8 card stock, specialty papers like glitter, silver & gold and velum. I also have holders for kits, like from the monthly Tally Scrapper kit and Scrapbook Sussies kit. This keeps all my kits together a little better.

Here's a spoolie I did for a Swap for Vicky!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bra & Panties and more...

Pinky has the coolest tutorial on her blog for making these along with the template! I had to try it. Super cute!! TFL

Pink’s Blog with Bra and Panty Card Templates

Here's my take:

Oh and these:

And Since I did a Love letter to Lilly and Zoey it was Booster's turn. I'm pretty happy with it. It's looks masculine enough :). The journaling is hidden behind the picture.

If you haven't already check out Tally for awesome inspiration and Peachy for some awesome deals.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bird House and other stuff...

First the Bird House! Tallyho on Tally Scrapper .com altered a birdhouse not to long ago and I loved it so much I just had to try it! So here's my first attempt!

I've had quite a few look over the sketch challenge! Whoopie. I've got an incentive which I'll post here and then update the previous post with the same thing. For each amount of ladies that submit a LO, I'll add something else to the Rak.

5 entries -5 strands / 12" Ribbon
10 entries -5 Charms
15 entries -Decorative Brads set of 18
20 entries -5 sheets of Card Stock

So again the due date to email me your LOs is April 15th. Only 1 entry per person.

So on to other stuff...I am such a lucky girl! I didn't have my craft space as organized as I wanted and on Sunday I began to reorganize, I ended up reorganizing both the craft space and the bedroom in order to switch around a couple pieces of furniture. Whoopie! I actually have everything in it's own place. I took pics I'm so proud!

And just in case you're curious what's on the other side of the room, it's my honey's side :). He's a sweetie but goodness he's messy. LOL! He's one very creative dude though. He makes his own gear, does emordery, and vinyl work. He has his own website too! If you're looking for military gear, or Law inforcemnt items check his site out :

This is a Layout I did for a swap. I love how it came out.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sketch Challenge w/Large RAK #1

Okay Ladies I promised a RAK would be given away and I also warned I'd make you work for it. This is my first challenge so I had to make it a very special one with it's RAK. So for this I challenge you to use this sketch to make your own layout. Please email a picture of your layout at with the subject line of "Sketch Challenge w/Large RAK #1". Due date is April 15th. I will have my family vote for thier favorite LO and email the winner no later than April 20th.

***The sketch does not have to be followed exactly, but I would like it to look some what like the sketch flipped or side ways. I can't wait to see what you all come up with.



Included in the RAK:

1 Butterfly Chipboard Book by Colorbox
1 Pack Love Rubbons from Craft Essentials
1 Sheet of Mixed Chipboard Pieces - 26 pieces
1 Sheet Alphabet Rain Dot Stickerks from Cloud Nine
1 Sheet Swirl Stickers
1 Butterfly Stamp
1 Family Ties Spinner
10 Sheets Paterned Paper from American Crafts
11 Mixed Colores Flowers
15 Buttons -3 of each color : Black, Green, White, Pink & Yellow
18 Black Fram Corners
30 Mixed Color Brads

Approximatly $25 value

I told you it LARGE :). This probably won't happen often but when they do be on the look out :).


For each amount of ladies that submit a LO, I'll add something else to the Rak.

5 entries -5 strands / 12" Ribbon
10 entries -5 Charms

15 entries -Decorative Brads set of 18
20 entries -5 sheets of Card Stock

So again the due date to email me your LOs is April 15th. Only 1 entry per person.

***Leaving a link to where your LO is posted also works just as good. Once you leave the link I'll post it on the top right corner of my blog so everyone can see your fantastic work. For those that are emailing me I will be posting a slideshow in this thread.

Entries so far:

We've reached 10 Entries, well actually 12 Whoopie!

Please visit this link for updates:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Scrap Goodie Bag

When ever I go to a craft fair I always take a tote with me to put all my new treasures. So seeing as mom and I are going to a scrapbook expo Sat I decided to decorate each of us a tote. Mom's vanished the moment she saw it so, I'll have to take pictures later. Her's says "Oh Scrap". And mine says "Scrap Happens". I'm still supposed to make us t-shirts for crop nights but haven't gotten around to it.

I attached the flowers with eyelets and for extra color I used a thin scrunchy tied ribbon on one side and wrapped it around the handle. Paw Print ribbon is for my monsters :). I used the Printing Press Cart for Cricut and the software to weld it. I snuck some vinyl from my husband. Shhhhh...

Here's mom's and the both:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Team Schrute Challenge Weeks 5 & 6

I didn't post my lo for week 5 until yesterday morning. I was procrastinating and the camera was dead and I couldn't get it right. If you know me well you'll know that I get very picky about how I do things and if I don't like it I'll do things over and over till I like it. But I got it done and love it. And I'm on the ball for this week's challenge and already posted it.

Week 5

* Weekend Getaway - Check
* Journaling Like Review - Check
* Red & Green - Check
* Distressed - Check Bac ground Papers

For us it's not really a "weekend getway" It's only a 45 minute drive away from home and we go most often in the afternoons. But this was on a special weekend my husband was home from the academy last year.

Bisbee is awesome for any one into arts and crafts and small town history. The homes are mainly victorian and built along the hill side. THe resturants are awesome and the stores are fun to wonder. The town is built in history of minning copper. Thus the wonderful and beautiful lavander pit wish I totally for got to pic of.

Week 6

* Redo a LO from when you first began to scrap that you don't like.
* must have before and after photos

I started an album for my mom in 2006 right after I started scrapbooking. This lo has been bugging me from the begining. I wanted it to look rich and still fun. I totally didn't get it the first time around. This time around I used my Grandmother's favorite color Red. I think I finally got it!

The photos are of my Grandmother Aurelia and my Grandfather Tomas. They were around 55 to 60 year old. My grandma loved playing the slots!



And I promised to post the 4th lo I did for the DT search. So here it is:

Eventually this will be a cover page for an album about Fort Monroe and our time there. Everything I have saved for it is in storage.

Fort Monroe is on the list to get closed as of 2011. It's a beautiful army post and is rich in history. It's in between Virginia Beach and Williamsburg. I was lucky enough to work at the post's museum where I learned alot about the history and the area that surrounds it. Did you know that it was land first founded by John Smith and that it was a Union post during the Civil War? It even has a moat and it's own ghost stories :).

I highly recommend anyone that's into history or in the area to visit the old post. It's history and Land will soon be handed over to the city and I don't see much hope for it to keep it's current appearence.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Altered Composition Book

I really love the Basic Grey Line - Urban Prairie. I did a altered Composition Book with the line and love how it came out.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tally Design Team LO and Survior Week 4

Okay so I posted my layouts today for the design team search and I'm really excited about my work. I did 4 layouts but only could submit 3. I wasn't able to get a picture of the fourth one as my battery died on the camera, but here are the 3 I did submit. I'm so excited.

My grandmother at age 16.

My Best Friend Christy's Daughter , Gabby.

That Painting Place in Phoenix, AZ

Okay I totally forgot to share my Team Schute Survivoir Week Challenge 4 LO.
The Requirements:
1. title -"That's what she said." – Done alittle altered but done.
2. no handwritten journaling - Done
3. corrugated/torn cardboard - Done
4. 3 buttons - Done

If I don't get back here soon since I have a pretty busy week, hope every one's week is great. Remember to be on a look out for a RAK after next Saturday. And don't be surprized if I make you work :).

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wish me luck!

I'm going to be trying out for the design team on I have to post 3 new never before seen layouts, which means I have some work cut out infort of me since they are due on the 15th! I've gotten 2 down one left. I'll be posting them here after I've posted them on Tally. Please take a look if you all can. I'll be posting links then too. I'm sure the other ladies will also have amazing layouts!! So that's alittle update on why i haven't been posting. I have a few other projects also in the works so I'll try my best to finish those up too within the next 2 weeks. Oh and Ladies, I'll be go to a scrapbook convention on the 24th so be looking for a RAK if I find some nifty stuff :).

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spoolie Tutorial

A few girls have had some issue with playing the video, and like me needed a few more instructions so I made my own tutorial with pics. Hopefully this will help!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wii LOVE the new Wii!

My Tutorial is up on Scrapbook Rink In The LowCountry ( I've got to tweek it so I can post it here. Hopefully soon. Justin got a Wii with the Tax Return on Monday so I've been busy getting my Wii on! LOL! It's Fantastic. hopefully I can get the Dance Dance Revolution and extra Mat soon! So as for Craft nothing this week so far. I've gotta clean my scrap space tommarrow and stop bowling on the Wii.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cyber Crop Weekend @ Tally Day Sunday

So today I worked on a few things. I worked on a tutorial for making flowers, which I'll be posting this week in one of the myspace groups I'm in, a couple more of the challenges for Tally! Have I ever mentioned I love!

Here's the challenges I did today.

Art Work: Use a piece of "artwork" whether it's a child's, yours, doodling you did, or maybe an old school piece of artwork you did into your scrap layout. Try to make it the focus or background of the page.

Journaling reads:

With no kiddo around I decided to
Ask Mom for help!
She loves when she can "regress."
March 1, 2009

She even colored with her left hand to make it more childlike, lol! I love her she's silly! And a bit Crazy! Thank goodness I have such a cool mom!

Secret :Your challenge is to scrap a secret that you will want your children, a family member or a friend to know but that you don't want to just come out and tell them.

* Scrap it on black cardstock - YEP
* Use white letters for your title - YEP
* Tell the secret in your own handwriting - YEP

I wasn't sure I wanted to do this challenge. But this evening I turned around to find my husband's uniform on the floor waiting to be put in the wash and it got me thinking. I wanted this super simple, since really it's all about how the uniform effects me.


Most wives of law enforcement and military feel the same way I do. Scared, worried. So it's not so secret how I feel. But I'm not one to come right out and say it. Until now. Even this isn't so out right.

My husband is part of a very important government agency, the US Border Patrol. In 2007 Dh started his new career after serving 8 years in the US Army Military Police. I was worried and scared then too, but it seems even more so now.

I worry if he's okay just getting to work. It's an hour commute for him. I worry about what he'll encounter through out the day. Will he catch a drug load? Will it be an easy process? Will the illegals be cooperative? Will there be a scuffle? Is he safe? Will he be okay driving home after such a long day?

Yes there are great benfits for us as a family, but can we overcome all those crazy tasks? He's a smart man and good at his job, but I worry just the same. I pray everday that I'll have my husband safely come home after each shift.

Cyber Crop Weekend @ Tally Day Saturday

With it being CyberCrop weekend that means there's a bunch of cool challenges! I've only done a few so far. So I need to get into gear tomorrow!

So this one is What I Love About me.

My Journaling reads:
What I Heart about me:
1. I'm Honest
2. I speak up
3. I'm short (It comes in Handy)
4. I'm creative
5. I can be girlie
6. I'm a bargain shopper
7. I'm smart
8. I'm organized
9. I love history
10. I love reading

Roses & Loli Pop Flower Cards
I only did roses so far, hopefully I'll do LoliPops tomorrows.

I did more shopping today than anything :). Mom and I were trying to find something to go over ther fire place. And I think we finally succeeded. I'll have to post a picture tommarrow. I did the florals, something I normally make mom do!