Thursday, March 19, 2009

Team Schrute Challenge Weeks 5 & 6

I didn't post my lo for week 5 until yesterday morning. I was procrastinating and the camera was dead and I couldn't get it right. If you know me well you'll know that I get very picky about how I do things and if I don't like it I'll do things over and over till I like it. But I got it done and love it. And I'm on the ball for this week's challenge and already posted it.

Week 5

* Weekend Getaway - Check
* Journaling Like Review - Check
* Red & Green - Check
* Distressed - Check Bac ground Papers

For us it's not really a "weekend getway" It's only a 45 minute drive away from home and we go most often in the afternoons. But this was on a special weekend my husband was home from the academy last year.

Bisbee is awesome for any one into arts and crafts and small town history. The homes are mainly victorian and built along the hill side. THe resturants are awesome and the stores are fun to wonder. The town is built in history of minning copper. Thus the wonderful and beautiful lavander pit wish I totally for got to pic of.

Week 6

* Redo a LO from when you first began to scrap that you don't like.
* must have before and after photos

I started an album for my mom in 2006 right after I started scrapbooking. This lo has been bugging me from the begining. I wanted it to look rich and still fun. I totally didn't get it the first time around. This time around I used my Grandmother's favorite color Red. I think I finally got it!

The photos are of my Grandmother Aurelia and my Grandfather Tomas. They were around 55 to 60 year old. My grandma loved playing the slots!



And I promised to post the 4th lo I did for the DT search. So here it is:

Eventually this will be a cover page for an album about Fort Monroe and our time there. Everything I have saved for it is in storage.

Fort Monroe is on the list to get closed as of 2011. It's a beautiful army post and is rich in history. It's in between Virginia Beach and Williamsburg. I was lucky enough to work at the post's museum where I learned alot about the history and the area that surrounds it. Did you know that it was land first founded by John Smith and that it was a Union post during the Civil War? It even has a moat and it's own ghost stories :).

I highly recommend anyone that's into history or in the area to visit the old post. It's history and Land will soon be handed over to the city and I don't see much hope for it to keep it's current appearence.
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