Friday, September 7, 2012

Birthday Party Fun!

Our little Cupcakes turned 1 on the 22nd
and to celebrate we had a party on the 25th!
Not only was it in celebration for them turning
1 but us surviving our first year, haha!
There was alot of work put into the party but
in the end I was super pleased with the result.
The house it's self had a mini makeover,
with new play area gate installed and my
scrap stuff being removed from my area
to make a cupcake bar!
I wasn't able to get photos of the before,
but I got photos of everyone
enjoying making their cupcakes!
The girls of course had their own cupcakes made!

Everyone seemed to have fun and the Cupcake bar was hit!
Everyone was so busy mingling and eatting and the kids
were have a blast in the play area that time flew and all the games
Justin and I made for party went unused.

Justin helped me create the pin the
Cherry on the Cupcake game
using his special skills of sewing :).
I was in charge of cutting and pinning
fabric as well as sewing all of the cherries. 

So Many Cherries! 
Too bad they look like apples, haha!
My sewing skills are not up to par.
I made a bowling set using Gerber Puffs Canisters.
Aw the joy of having two little ones
means collecting canisters is easy :0).
I Also had a bowling ball that I grabbed from their toy bins.

 Gerber Cheeto Puff Cans were then used to
make stacking towers bor a bean bag toss!
Yep, I sewed the bean bags too! 
Unfortunetly I forgot to take photos of both
the banner and the invites, but if i get them out at
some point soon I'll make sure to do so.
All the items were made using the same paper pack
and a cupcake from the Cricut Cart Wrap it up.
We had so much fun, and I can't wait to share with
you the photos from their smash cake session!
Just think big cupcakes and lots of icing, yum!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Out & About...

Our little cupcakes love being out and about, but I must admit the three of us are air conditioned type of girls!!

Last week Nana & I took the girls out to the splash pad for a MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) meet & greet. The girls were not pleased that the water was attacking them, haha.

But we had fun with a picnic and a few adorable photos with the girls in their swim suits.

I used pic to edit my photos to look like polaroids.