Thursday, January 31, 2013

I <3 sketches!

If it's Groovy has been celebrating
their birthday all of January.
As Day 5 of the celebration,
a sketch was posted.
You can see it here in the link.

I saw it this morning and could
not get it out of my head :).
So this evening I took a time out after putting the
girls down and started a layout to follow the sketch.

I used a paper kit from
My Mind's Eye, Miss Caroline.
I'm not sure how long I've had the kit or
where I got it from but oh my goodness
the paper are so girlie and beautiful!

These photos were taken last April
when the girls were 7 month's old.
These were their fancy Easter dresses.
Just looking at the photos makes me smile.

Ava is in the top photo, grumpy, lol.
She was simply ready for a nap and this
was the second outfit for this photo shoot.

Olivia is in the bottom photo.
She's was still giggling and smiling.

The girls had just learned to sit up on their own.
Ava sitting up easier and more balanced.
Olivia kept falling over, well until we
got to the photo session and she was all
business sitting up like a pro!

Awwww... memories!
Thanks for stopping by & Happy Scrappin'!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


My computer and I fight ALOT.
I wish I could say I'd blog more,
but there isn't much crafting going on.
when there is, I blog in the background though
rarely if ever finish a post and
publish it the same day I started it.
If you subscribe you'll see
multiple posts at the same time.
It's a rare thing but it happens.
It means I've had a chance to take a tiny break and
have fought with my computer enough to get it working.
I miss blogging as much as I miss crafting.
However, my little "Cupcakes" come first.
The girls are in the Monkey stage, climbing couches,
tearing through toy boxes and finding their voices.
Some days are easy, others are rough.
Some days I wish I had a door to my
craft room and could hide, lol.
I can start a project, but get distracted easily,
my focus shifts so much I give up easily.
I have however been smashing and LOVE it,
but even as simple as it maybe it's not often.
Just a quick glimpse into my life the past few months. 
September was quiet and we had only one major event.
We took a day trip to Mesa for a trip to Ikea and Sea Life.
We came home with a tunnel which they LOVE.
October was super busy, with a family
wedding, and lots of Halloween events!
They did trick or treat this year at the mall.
Olivia as the lady bug & Ava as the bumble bee.
November was also busy with family
events and a very Happy Thanksgiving.
But we also had some more normal days in there.
Olivia telling on Ava.
Ava making a big mess with her milk.
December was crazy, lol. 
Baking cookies, photo shoots, story time
with Santa and unwrapping too many presents.
Santa & The Cupcakes
A photo shoot gone crazy. 
But I have to admit of all the photos this is my favorite.
We couldn't finish off December with out family photos!
We even got to enjoy a bit of snow!
January had been quiet again thankfully.
The girls are growing so fast.
Ava upset that she had to go back into the
living room instead of wondering the house.
Crying or not she looks adorable in her little black dress.
Olivia now has a thing for purses!
She's only 17months old and such a girlie girl!
How could anyone be upset about not crafting
when they have these adorable babies to look at all day:).
If you made it this far you're a trooper!
I wish I could share creations more often
but I really do like being a mommy more.
Happy Crafting!

Baby Shower Fun...

Last year I met a wonderful lady, Julie.   She invited me to participate in monthly craft classes at a church.  Infact I was able to teach one of those classes :).   Julie's family and friends hosted a beautiful baby shower for her this past weekend.  
Evites went out months ago, and I was on the fence about what I wanted to take as my dish as the baby shower was pot luck.   I first thought of a veggie dip, but as the date drew closer rsvps were going up with what dished would be taken.  I missed out though I'm happy I did. 
 My next thought was cake pops.  I messaged the mommy-to-be and asked what she'd really like.  All she said was she LOVES chocolate.  As I was googling cake pop decoration ideas, I came across baby food jar cupcakes. 

I've been collecting baby food jars for over a month for friend who likes to use them for craft storage, but with the holidays we haven't spoken and honestly there were so many!!  Plus I knew i could manage to gather more easily, Olivia & Ava love to eat so that's no problem, lol.  

After searching pinterest for a bit I came across this link for using baby food jars  as well as making it look like actual baby food.  Now the mommy-to-be said chocolate, so baby food looking cake wasn't going to work.  And honestly I wasn't to keen on printing baby food labels. 
I went with Chocolate Cake Mix (4 boxes) & Chocolate Icing (2 canisters).  
After searching a local craft store I came across the perfect topping.
I used Pink Chocolate Melts to use in the candy molds.
After cleaning each jar (40 jars) and sanitzing them, I got to work on baking.
You MUST fill each jar only half way!  
Don't go past half or you'll have a big mess of cake. 
That's right, I did that and regret not reading the instructions :).
Just follow the directions in the link on what all you must do!
While those were baking batch by batch, I got to work on candy molds and making the jar belt.
All I knew was the shower was girl themed :) so I went with all pink, and used my cricut to make the little onsie.
It was a LONG night but I'm so happy with the results and the mommy-to-be was so excited to see them and more importantly to eat one :).

Baking up some holiday cookies...

I was super busy the second week of December baking cookies
and packaging them up for family, friends and neighbors.
I didn't get photos of all of it but I did get most.

Its was super fun to try making last year's favorites.

Here are all the cookies together...

(No individual photo for the Lemon Spritz Cookies.)
Eggnog Thumbprint Cookies
Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
My husband had a blast helping me decorate the ninjabread cookies.
I hope you got some super great yummies this past holiday!

Independence Day Mini

Since it was the girls first Indepence
Day I took LOTS of photos.
Yep enough to make an album and still
have photos left over, lol. since the pages
were 8x8 I was able to use 3 8x10 photos
to cover pages. I LOVE the effect.
If only 8x10 photos weren't so expensive.
I used My Mind's Eye American Made line.