Friday, February 27, 2009

Around the Hizzouse

Around the Hizzouse challenge is being hosted by TallyHo at
Here's the rules:
1. This item MUST be a household item that is not sold FOR altering. So no unfinished wood projects from Micheal's.
2. Your finished product HAS to be for decoration only.

So I wasn't sure if there was anything in the house I could alter so mom and I went to 2 of the local thrift shoes and I found this aborable antique looking mirror (Actally TJ MAX $25, the tag was still on it!) for only $8.00! I knew this would be perfect!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Survivor Challange Week 3

I've Joined the Team Schrute in the Survivor Challenges and this weeks challenge we had to use office supplies!

1. Staples
Holding the Ribbons ans the strip down on the left Side.
2. Hole Punch
On the Photo to hold it down. Also on the flower to hold it down with ribbon!
3. ledger or lined paper
Journaling! Left Side.
4. paper clip
Photo Holding Mat and Photo and To hold tag to paper.
5. white out or white paint
White Paint - Edge of Main Page and Lined Photo and Mat
Used Staples, Scotch Tape - Ribbon

I participated in a recent challenge for a love letter and did it for my puppy Zoey. I knew I couldn't leave out my other two monsters and this was the perfect challenge to do Lily's. I loved the challenge! Trying to think of what to do to get things to stick and how to use all the different things we needed.

Here's my letter:

Dear Kayla Lily,
You mean the world to me! In 2005 when we brought you home I knew life would never be the same. You have a unique personality.
You are:
~Independent ~Stubborn
~ Sweet ~Pushy
~ Smart ~Lovable
You are exactly what I wished for. Even though you're independent you still need and love attention. You're daddy's Lap Dog and always fun to play with! Yes even though you slap us back!
No Matter what you'll always be our Silly Lily! You're a beautiful girl! I'm so happy you're ours!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Altered Frames!!

I absolutely love to do altered items. In December I did a wonderful little craft fair and took only two of my altered frames 1 fish and 1 dog bone. They sold in the first hour and I was asked if i had more under the table! I couldn't believe it. I didn't see those as being my best work and I honestly only took them to make sure I covered more of the table! Thankfully I bought plenty of them in hopes of altering more for the same reason. Here are more fish and dog bones as well as a few other frames!

I also want to share with you pictures from the Craft Fair in December! I signed up too late so I wasn't able to take Jewelry. I did mainly Altered Items and took dad's wood items, Justin's onsies, and Joe's lighters and photos.

Sweet Skully Spoolie

Justin and I spent the weekend with his family in Phoenix and my mother-in-law Lori took me to an adorable scrapbook store. My sister-in-law Chloe, who's 10 and I were in scrappin' heaven! I left with quite a few new treasures as did Chloe. I left with a paper pack from the new Sassafras Lass Sweet Skully line!! LOVE IT! I'm doing a swap in one of my myspace groups and my partner loves skulls so this was perfect! Here's my spoolie creation!


So a girl on one of my myspace groups hosted a ATC Jam swap and the outcome has been amazing! I love the cards I've gotten. Back. I'm copying and pasting from her blog ( the jam is but these are the 3 cards I recieved!

What is a JAM?

A JAM consists of 3 people.

1st person places 3 identical backgrounds on each card
and sends them to the 2nd person.

2nd person adds one identical, or close to identical ele-
ment to each card, then sends them to the 3rd person.

3rd person adds one identical, or close to identical ele-
ment to each card. If they feel the card needs another
element added after that, then they may add another
to each card.

3rd person, when the cards have been completed will then
keep one card for themselves and mail the 1st person and
2nd person their completed card.

Addresses of each person involved in the JAM are written
On the back of each card in the JAM order. Example: #1
Is 1st person, #2 is the second person, & # 3 the 3rd person.

What is an ATC? If you'd like to know more follow the link, it describes it best!

Paper Flowers!

This is something totally easy and super fun! It's paper flowers you make your self and it's cheaper than buying primas with the same look. Check out these links for more info and below is the flower I made and the Layout I made to attach it to.

I used Godzoned instructions for the hearts! The pictures aren't wonderful but you get the idea!

A Spoolie for me and a Spoolie for you!

OMG this is the cutest idea ever! I joined a swap for these and I'm totally in love with the concept! Here's a video to get you wanting to try it!

Here's my take on it!

Altered Albums!

This little albums are so much fun and actually pretty simple!

IF it's a shaped chipboard album make sure to have an exacto knife ready. In most cases gluing the paper down on the chipboard first is the easiest. Once the glue is dry (mod podge works or, tape runners or double sided tape also work) you can then flip the chipboard piece upside down to cut off the excess paper and stay with the shape. Once done with the cutting the paper use a piece if sand paper and sand the edges of the chipboard and paper to make it smooth and have a finished look. If wanting to inking the edges also helps finish off the album. From there you can decorate the album. One thing I like doing is leaving the book empty of actual pictures is using picture corners and matting so that the recipient of the album has the measurements of the pictures and it's easy to slip them in.

A few Layouts to Share!

Date Night:
Justin took me on a date night not too long ago and we got our pictures taken in one of those booths in the mall! I love doing that! We also went to see the "Yes Man" with Jim Carey. It was nice have a date night. We don't do it often, we're the type to stay home. Since it was still all fresh in my mind and I was feeling creative, I did a LO right away. I cut the picture strip and on alternate pictures I put foam on the back to make those pictures stand out. I used a cute evidence tag to journal from Maya Road and the Paper I used it K & Company Lotus.

Cowgirl :
The Challange was to make a LO with a strip of silly pictures of yourself. I've had this Cowgirl hat forever it seems. Mom was selling them at the store and I was supposed to have a western event soon, that never happened so the poor hat sat on a hook with no place to be worn. So I thought the challenge was the perfect oppurtunity to wear it. I used K&Company Wild Saffron and made my own cowgirl hat from a picture I traced off the computer.

Grand Canyon:
Justin took me to the Grand Canyon for the first time September 22 2008! I did the happy Dance! Lol! It was way too fun!

Mom & Me :
Mom and I took Glamour Shots in April 2008 and had a blast! Mom isn't one to dress up but this was so much fun! Our pictues came out beautiful and it was a day mom and I will never forget!

Nearly every year our family goes to the Fun Fest here in town held by the post's MWR. In 2007 we actually worked the trailer out there and that was a blast. This year however it wasn't real exciting. We did get to play a few games and go on the ferris wheel!

Family Tree:
This was actually a challenge! We were asked to use left over letter stickers and make a tree. Lucky me I won this challenge! But you should have seen my competition, those girls made amazing LOs! This was seriously fun and not as time consuming as you might think.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Honey!

So after a couple questions from readers and the hubby I'm gonna dish our story on how we met.

When Justin and I met for the first time in 2003 I wasn't sure about him or myself. Friends set us up, it was group outting at the local bowling alley. I was very late, mainly because I was trying to avoid metting him. I'd sworn off dating for a while since I was focusing on school and work. When i did finally show up I was so nervous. I barely spoke to him and we did exchange numbers at the end of the evening. I thought he was handsome and smart and kidda a nerd. He was perfect! LOL! We didn't talk for a few weeks and met again at our friend's house for a cookout. That was it! We were inseprable from then on. He gave me rides to work and we spent his time off together watching movies, going on day trips and just having fun. It wasn't an offical boyfriend girlfriend thing, at least for me. And one day he was dropping me off at work and I just had to ask him. "What are we? Are we just friends or is there something more?" His response wasn't something I was expecting. He told me he loved me and wanted to be with me. OMG, I'm not even sure i was able to respond to him. I know after that it was completely offical. On christmas day 2003 Justin asked me to marry him. The wedding orgainzing was hard on both of us with both families assuming too many things. His side assuming it was gonna be a real mexican wedding, I'm so not traditional and neither are my parents. And both sides thought it was brought on so fast they all assummed I was pregant. It's now 5 years later and I still haven't been knocked up, lol. Justin and I would have been fine going to Vegas and getting married, but did it right with the church and all. Mom did a fantastic job making and setting it all up. It was small and very pretty. I wish I could say I was more into it but i wasn't. I have never been like most girls. Anywho, we've had our ups and downs like an relationship and I think we're finally comfortable with each other after 5 years. I love him like crazy and I know I push him to hard, but I only do it to make things better for us in the long run. I'm a very lucky girl with a very handsome man. So now you got my silly , crazy yet true story.

My Monsters!

SO most ladies have their baby books they keep up with. I on the other hand have a album that all doggie! I love my monsters like a mom loves her children. In 2006 I began a scrapbook for Lily and Booster. When we moved in 2007 I stopped due to my scrappin' stuff was all in storage and I had no space to play. I finally got a little space and had my honey take me to storage to find some of my scrapin' stuff to bring back to the house. I found the old album along with a matching brand new one. So I've started the new one and below is what I've done so far!

Little About Each of my Monsters who are mutts:

Lily (Kayla-Lily) is my strong, smart, independent and bitchy one! She's adorable and sweet too, but everything is on her terms. She's good at letting you know when she's upset by the tone of her grumble and bark. She's been know to even back talk. When Justin and I went on a search for our first dogs I told him I wanted a dog that was independent and smart. Lily is everything I hoped for and more, however she isn't my baby! When we got Lily and Booster Lily was supposed to mine, and Booster Justin's. However that didn't happen. Justin is Lily's human and Boo chose me. Lily knows I'm mom and she loves me but daddy is her favorite(besides grandma.) Lily is awesome, when we brought home Zoey I though Lily was going to have problems. In fact she loves Zoey and treats her like her baby. They play all the time, and that's something I never thought would happen. Lily's favorite toys are tug toys. A good game of tug of war with a human or Zoey is perfect play time.

Booster is my sweet, gentle, whiner! LOL! You think I'm kidding, I'm not. He whines mainly for attention. Some days it's bad and some days it's ok. Justin wanted a vicious guard dog, instead he got a whimmy momma's boy. Booster does have a guard dog some where in there when he thinks I'm in danger or something / someone he doesn't know is entering this domain with out proper introduction from Justin and me. Boo hates to be in trouble and does everything he's told normally. Of all the three dogs he is the calmest and the sweetest. Boo looks like a vicious dog but beware he's a licker and a scared cat! As for welcoming Zoey, he hasn't been to happy about it since she's now the baby and not him. He acts like he doesn't care for her, but I have watched him and he loves her just as much as the rest of us. Zoey and Boo share alot of kisses and cuddle time. Booster's favorite toys are tennis balls. Play catch with him or give
him treats and he'll love you forever.

Zoey is my fluffy ball of crazy and sweetness. Justin brought her home as a present. I had see her at the local farmers market a few weeks in a row and finally had to take him to see her. He took me to work to relieve my Mom and they went back to get her. I didn't expect to have that little puppy at the house, but there she was in bed with daddy. He bought her a new collar and even named her and of course gave her, her first bath. I've always wanted a fluffy little dog. At first we went with what the seller told us. She was supposed to be a long haired Chihuahua so only 7 lbs and still pretty short fur. It's 7 months later and Zoey is nothing but fur. She's now 9lbs and looks nothing like a Chihuahua. It's actually fine with me, she's adorable. Zoey is so spunky and very friendly. She's so easy going it makes it easy for every one to like her, as well as my mom's 4 dogs. Her favorite toys are the other dogs, mainly Lily and Spikey!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My new scrappin' craftin' place...

I finally have my own scrappin' craftin' space! Justin gave me some room and my parents helped to set it all up. Mom helped with shelves for my stereo (from her) and my cricut carts. My dad is awesome! He helped me with the tables! He cut one down so the other would over lap, and cut down plastic sheets to make the work table easier to clean. All the wood furniture is of course made by my dad! I'd take pics of the the other side of the room but it's alittle scary. Justin is way messy :)!
I try to stay organized and have found some very cool ways of doing so. I bought Craft Mates binders to hold all my brads, eyelets, metal findings and jewels. I bought a large plastic file box last week as well as hanging file folder. I Labeled all the folders such as Alphabet Large pages for larger sticker sheets, medium, small and rub-ons are the other categories. I did this so everything isn't crammed in one folder and I like finding my rub-ons faster. Other categories include swirls, words, family, love, holidays and more. So far is awesome. I see alot of girls using the clip up way but with little room and being so bad about having thing be hidden it won't work for me. I use alot of snap ware I got from target to organize other embellishments like wood letters, flowers, and chipboard.
The room was set up differently with other tables an such but it had to change when I got my brand new Kodak printer. All I knew is the printer had to be next to the computer and the set up before wasn't going to allow it. I LOVE my new space. TFL!

Today's a New Day!

I'm starting this all over again! Lol! So I've been asked if I have blog, I knew i did I just never really worked on it. So here it is. I'll try to update is a couple times a week. I'll post more tomarrow with some of my recent work.