Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Honey!

So after a couple questions from readers and the hubby I'm gonna dish our story on how we met.

When Justin and I met for the first time in 2003 I wasn't sure about him or myself. Friends set us up, it was group outting at the local bowling alley. I was very late, mainly because I was trying to avoid metting him. I'd sworn off dating for a while since I was focusing on school and work. When i did finally show up I was so nervous. I barely spoke to him and we did exchange numbers at the end of the evening. I thought he was handsome and smart and kidda a nerd. He was perfect! LOL! We didn't talk for a few weeks and met again at our friend's house for a cookout. That was it! We were inseprable from then on. He gave me rides to work and we spent his time off together watching movies, going on day trips and just having fun. It wasn't an offical boyfriend girlfriend thing, at least for me. And one day he was dropping me off at work and I just had to ask him. "What are we? Are we just friends or is there something more?" His response wasn't something I was expecting. He told me he loved me and wanted to be with me. OMG, I'm not even sure i was able to respond to him. I know after that it was completely offical. On christmas day 2003 Justin asked me to marry him. The wedding orgainzing was hard on both of us with both families assuming too many things. His side assuming it was gonna be a real mexican wedding, I'm so not traditional and neither are my parents. And both sides thought it was brought on so fast they all assummed I was pregant. It's now 5 years later and I still haven't been knocked up, lol. Justin and I would have been fine going to Vegas and getting married, but did it right with the church and all. Mom did a fantastic job making and setting it all up. It was small and very pretty. I wish I could say I was more into it but i wasn't. I have never been like most girls. Anywho, we've had our ups and downs like an relationship and I think we're finally comfortable with each other after 5 years. I love him like crazy and I know I push him to hard, but I only do it to make things better for us in the long run. I'm a very lucky girl with a very handsome man. So now you got my silly , crazy yet true story.

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