Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paper towel wreath remade...

Remember this?

I made this wreath a while back and Loved it!

But the wreath had its home on the
front door and time had made it fade.

So this past week I remade the wreath
though this time choosing brighter colors!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tutu Fun!!

Having little girls has made life very interesting.
Having two makes it a game of strategy.
WE LOVE, ok Nana & I LOVE to dress the
girls in the prettiest outfits we can find. But we shop on a budget.

I LOVE supporting our local crafters
getting bows and tutus but the cost
adds up fast when you're buying for twins.
A couple months ago we took a class on
how to make your own bows.
We had a blast and now have our minds
set on making what we can for the girls.
On one of the local mom group sites had a post
was made asking if people would like to attend
a Tutu Party, in which we'd mingle and make tutus.
I was ready to sign up and did, however our week
is busy and I won't be able to make it.
But that didn't stop me from wanting
to make Tutus for the girls.

I used a crochet headband as the waist  it
serves as both a stretchy waist and and
easy way to loop your tulle through. 
I used a slip knot for each strand
of 18"x 4" strip of tulle.
For each tutu I used about 1 1/2 yards.
I choose to use simple inexpensive tulle
and add accents of sparkly tulle on top.

For the last details I made a tutu
bow and matching hair bow. 
The girls will be able to use
the tutu for a few more years!
(My handsome hubby side we had the
best looking paper towels rolls ever , lol!)

Olivia & Ava modeling their new Tutus!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back to School!

The past couple weeks I've actually
had a reason to work on crafty projects.
My friend is going to be a 4th grade teacher
this year and because it's her first year
teaching the job of decorating is quite big.
You want useful items, educational items and
most of all you want it to catch the
attention of the children you are teaching.

My friend enlisted the help of my cricut
and me to help her room come alive.
I admit the cricut did way more work than
me in the crafty part, I just assembled.
Ashley would tell or show me her idea
and my job was to make it happen.
I had so much fun putting my craft tools to work.

The photos below aren't the completed room.
I will have a new post with the finished room!
I am so excited for my friend and all she
has accomplished to get to this point.
Being a teacher is not a job that is easy
and I sincerely admire her.

The classroom is the normal off white
color and needed something to spark interest.
The idea was to add rainbow color
paper to each panel on the doors.
It helped bring more interest to the doors
and make the room more colorful.

Ashley will be posting all current event information
for the school here as a central station for parents
and students in need of information.
We used the Everyday Paper dolls
cartridge to make our train and conductor.

This is the hallway bulletin board that will greet the children.
The plan is to make decorations for each season to decorate the tree.

One corner nearly completed.
A few items have been changed, like the “Attendence”
is now spelled correctly “Attendance”, and the calendar
will be replaced in the morning with a brand new pocket one!
YAY! The yellowed one was driving us both crazy.
The left side of the board you
can’t see is now completely done too!

This was the first project we finished
and it made us both so happy.
In endless days of cutting, laminating and
cleaning, one project done felt amazing!
Ashley will be posting spelling
words on the different letter blocks.

Pinterest was so helpful in the
process of ideas and how to use them.
I have yet to see the classroom since she finished
up a few more the boards this week, and I honestly can’t wait.
Next Monday is her official first day of school with the children.

To congratulate Ashley on her new job I wanted to
make her something special just for her so this
morning I made this little sign for her classroom.

I haven’t been able to be as productive in
the craft room as I used to be and this project
really helped me get some of my motivation back.
Olivia & Ava's birthday is just a few weeks away
so I've started projects for that as well.
I'm so excited but so sad!
My little babies will be one!

I have a few projects to share
and will be posting them soon.