Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tutu Fun!!

Having little girls has made life very interesting.
Having two makes it a game of strategy.
WE LOVE, ok Nana & I LOVE to dress the
girls in the prettiest outfits we can find. But we shop on a budget.

I LOVE supporting our local crafters
getting bows and tutus but the cost
adds up fast when you're buying for twins.
A couple months ago we took a class on
how to make your own bows.
We had a blast and now have our minds
set on making what we can for the girls.
On one of the local mom group sites had a post
was made asking if people would like to attend
a Tutu Party, in which we'd mingle and make tutus.
I was ready to sign up and did, however our week
is busy and I won't be able to make it.
But that didn't stop me from wanting
to make Tutus for the girls.

I used a crochet headband as the waist  it
serves as both a stretchy waist and and
easy way to loop your tulle through. 
I used a slip knot for each strand
of 18"x 4" strip of tulle.
For each tutu I used about 1 1/2 yards.
I choose to use simple inexpensive tulle
and add accents of sparkly tulle on top.

For the last details I made a tutu
bow and matching hair bow. 
The girls will be able to use
the tutu for a few more years!
(My handsome hubby side we had the
best looking paper towels rolls ever , lol!)

Olivia & Ava modeling their new Tutus!
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