Thursday, March 31, 2016


       I've been in love with Poppy stamps from Unity Stamp Co. and recently ordered two wonderful sets made by Donna Downey.  These stamps are beautiful and HUGE!
       This card was made using You Are Important.  The flower measures approximately  7 1/2" long and 5" wide.   I stamped and heat embossed the image on kraft paper.   I water colored the flower and added a bit of sparkle with a jelly pen.  I used a beautiful frame embossing folder from Darcie on both the mat and the flower image. I cut down the flower image down just enough to live a thin layer of the embossed frame.  Washi tape was added to make a belt and a bow.  I cinched the bow with a brad.   
       Donna Poppies is a gorgeous set! It's a two layer stamp set.  The largest poppy is about 4" x 3" and the smaller one is 3 1/2" x 2 1/4".   I stamped the flower in red ink and stamped the outline in black on kraft paper. The ink once dry was pretty but washed out.  So I stamped again and because the ink was still wet I embossed it with clear embossing powder.  It gave the red a wonderful vibrant color.  Doing double layered stamps often gives a bit of miss stamping, but it makes for a wonderful way to add interest.   In this case I used the opportunity to shadow the stamp in those missed spots with a white color pencil.   I stamped quite a few card toppers and made some simple cards as the background alone gives a card plenty of interest.   I love these stamps and can't wait to make more.

Seed Bombs/Cookies and Coffee Filter Butterflies

       The girls and I have been busy with spring time projects.  We made seed bombs/cookies to give as gifts for Easter/spring to our family and neighbors.   We set up our project outside to limit the clean up.   We used two tubs of Air Dry clay, a couple scoops of soil, and a handful or two of flower seeds.   Seeds included; sun flowers, snap dragons, marigolds, and many more.  I mixed them as much as possible and gave both girls a lump of clay to work with.   We made little balls approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches and flattened them to dry more quickly.  We set up on our table outside to dry out the seed bombs for a little over 24 hours.  The girls loved this project and it was fairly simple, inexpensive and easy to do. 
      We've given out a few little cartons of seed bombs to our family and neighbors.  A couple days ago we planted a couple in pots and we can't wait to see how they work out. 
       Our second big project for the week was coffee filter flowers.  These are so fun and simple.  We do them every year and attach them to the gate of the play area outside. We used large and small coffee filters and painted them with watercolors.   We let them dry and I folded them in an accordion fold and cinched the centers with mini rubber bands.  From there I added the clothes pins, pipe cleaners and googley eyes.  We put them all over our gate outside.   It so cute and colorful.
       **Disclaimer - We used watercolors, they are washable, they do fade, and if wet they lose the color. But it's fun while it lasts.  

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Unity Girl Challenge

I missed last week's Unity challenge as I was getting a few other projects out of the way.  But this week I was determined to use my most recent order from Unity Stamp Co.  

For this challenge I choose to use Adaline Girl as my image.  I stamped using black Momento ink on water color paper.  I then used clear embossing power to add extra dimension.  This also helps keep the water colors from running.   Once colored with water colors and dry I applied a masking fluid to the colored image to protect it from the color wash I planned to do next.  It's important for the masking fluid to be completely dry before painting over it.

I wet the paper first using my aqua brush then added color and blended where needed.  Again it need to dry, but once dry I rubbed off the fluid to reveal my full image.  I then tore the right side to give it more detail and added a bit of watercolor and Wink of Stella.  I added vellum torn and shimmer twine, a button and Wink of Stella to add some more shimmer throughout.

For the backing I added denim paper for texture.  I stamped "Proud of you" on vellum, again embossing it.  The stamp set I used was Bitty Regards.  I mounted it on purple paper. And added to the card using foam dots.

I'm so excited to see this card completed.
Below is also a photo of most the products I used.

Happy Craftin'!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Calendar Easel Cards

      Last Summer was really rough when it came to friendships.  Life changes quickly especially in a military based community like ours.   I had become fast friends with another mom who's little girl was the same age as my girls.  Her husband was here only for training and we knew our time together was short and we tried our best to make the most of it. 
       Another friend I have known since middle school found out in early spring her partner would be moving to California to work for Disney. Although the idea still excites me as think it, I am so sad she moved.  She is like another aunt to our girls and they love her like one to.
      The girls of course were close to both my friends and often ask for them and I think of them often.  I wanted them to know that no matter how far they are they are most certainly in our hearts.  I figured a year long reminder might help and made them each a calendar easel card with stamps I thought represented them.
Stampin' Up - Simply Sketched

Unity Stamp Co - November Kit of the Month
       I purchased the easel file from Silhouette and went from there. You can find tutorials on YouTube as well.  Stamp sets are noted above.  I stamped on Kraft Card stock and used mainly white color pencils to add detail to each card with exception of the second card's flowers. 
In late February I entered the Second card into a Facebook challenge for Unity Stamp Co  and won!  Unity Stamps are amazing and always beautiful!
      As the year goes by I hope my sweet friends remember just how much they mean to the girls and me.
Happy Craftin'!

Friday, March 25, 2016

A Calming Zen...

       Zentangle & Adult Coloring are become more and more popular in crafting.   I love to color but find I have an easier time relaxing when I'm doodling and using Zentangle patterns as my main focus.

What is Zentangle® and what is Zendoodle?

Short answer:
Zentangle” is a registered name for a process of drawing (hence the ® above).
There are some specific parts to it (a few  are mentioned below).
A Zendoodle is basically the same idea, but without some of the
confinements of a Zentangle (also called a tangle).
You can read more at Living the Fantastic Life or the official Zentangle site.
          I started doodling with patterns in 2012 and have slowly completed a little over 10 projects.  Doodling is usually done once the kids are in bed and it's time to get in some adult TV  or movie time.  More often than not I take a little clip board, my pens, a zentangle book or two and watercolor paper into the living room with me to work.  In my earliest projects I wanted to utilize the whole piece of paper.  More recently I have changed to a subject. The idea is not to be perfect but to relax and clear your mind.   I believe it works, though once the pen is down it does not take long for things to start piling up again.
       Below are a few of my tangles with the date completed.  Keep in mind my tangles have taken a few days or even months to complete as life often takes over.   Pinterest is a wonderful resource for learning new patterns and even getting ideas of the type of end product you would like.  

Feb 2015
March 2015
August 2015
September 2015
* This idea was taken from another design on Pinterest. 
Although very much like it the patterns are very different. 
I had a friend in mind while doing this project and this was a gift for her.
November 2015
November 2015
Feb 2016
* This idea was taken from another design on Pinterest.
 The tree in the circle and the straight lines were all like the
 one on Pinterest as I needed a jumping off point. 
Once I was ready I made the design my own.
March 2016
Happy Crafting Friends!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

ATCs #2

This post is just to show my lastest ATC work.

My Opinion - NO Theme
Ocean - Theme Out to Sea
Hello - Vintage Theme
Spread your Wings - Flora & Fawna Theme
Vintage Theme - No Title
Tea Time - Tea Theme
Loved - Texture Theme
Dig Deeper - No Theme
Air Mail - Postage Theme


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Artist Trading Cards

       I am a craft-o-holic, but I am also very easily distracted now days, so I look for simple and fast projects.   Years ago I did a few Artist Trading Cards (ATC) and enjoyed the process.   There is a monthly ATC swap that I try to participate every month in because I love receiving another artist's work of art. 
***ARTIST TRADING CARDS are miniature works of art created on 2 ½ X 3 ½ inch or 64 X 89 mm card stock. They are originals, small editions and, most importantly, self-produced. anybody can produce them.   The idea is that you trade them with other people who produce cards, either at TRADING SESSIONS or wherever you meet another ATC trader in person. ***

Since I have photos piling up I'll be posting these 3 or 4 at a time.  
ATC Title and Theme will follow each photo.
Happy Crafting!
Just Keep Swimming!
Under the Sea Theme

Under the Sea Title & Theme
Wild About You - Love Theme

Clothes Pin Dolls

Looking for craft projects to do with the girls or
just things to entertain them is endless.  
They love something new and different. 
Who doesn't?  

I came across this adorable clothes pin dolls
and just had to try making them for A & O.  
They are really in love with mermaids,
Tinkerbell and pirates right now. 
A loves pink & O loves purple so ballerinas of course were required,

Mixed Media Cookie Tins

       As my girls are getting older I'm finding my crafty self again. These girls have me busy and forever looking for new ideas to engage their ever curiosity. Life changes constantly. This past year I went from our MOPS Creative Activities Coordinator to a regular member and that alone has freed up even more time. I began participating in swaps both local and online.
       The swap I would like to share today is my first mixed media project in a very long time and I might have gone a little over board. I'll find out once the projects are delivered. We were given three small empty cylinder cookie tins and told we had to have at least 3 types of media and they must be all alike. We were given 4 months to complete Jan-April. No other requirements, seemingly no rules. These cookies are a favorite for my husband so I bought a few more filled ones to have on hand in case of a mishap. After a couple weeks and thinking of option from the basic of basic, sexy can style, and even a thought of making it a clock. Clock wasn't going to work sadly as I the tins are so tiny the mechanism to fit inside.
       I thought I had a plan when I walked into hobby lobby one day and it all changed. I found these gorgeous little antique brass bird cages and inspiration struck. I asked my husband about cutting the tin open to make a window. Once I had that step worked out, I went back to purchase the cages, little knobs and trim. J cut the rectangles out using a dremel and bent back a flaps with pliers insuring that no sharp edges would be exposed. I then painted the cans in and out with a turquoise Krylon primer & paint. I cut down burlap paper to fit the tins with a rectangle also cut out. Making the seam in the back of the can once I wrapped the burlap did not seem like it would look as flawless, so I went with eyelets and ribbon making a corset back.
       From there I worked on adding the trim and embellishments. I embellished the lids with paper doilies and thin gold washi tape. Using my crop-a-file I punched holes in the center of each lid. The in tire birdcage and bird were antique bronze but I wanted a bit more color to bring out the bird. Using alcohol ink and q-tips I colored each bird a dark pink. Once tray I added machine chain to allow the cage to hang lower. Then attached the chain of the bird cage to the screw of the knob onto the lid. Inside the tins I opted for a pearl shimmer embossed paper to line the inside just inside the lip of each side of the rectangle. Once attached I then used liquid glue to attach plant moss to the bottom of each can. From there I placed the cages inside the tins and glued the lip down.
       On the bottom of the tins I adhered glass candle sticks from the dollar store using E6000. It was a fun project and one I fell in love with and almost sad I wasn't able to keep one for myself, though I find more joy when it's going to someone who is crafty and will appreciate the time and effort that went into these creations.