Friday, March 25, 2016

A Calming Zen...

       Zentangle & Adult Coloring are become more and more popular in crafting.   I love to color but find I have an easier time relaxing when I'm doodling and using Zentangle patterns as my main focus.

What is Zentangle® and what is Zendoodle?

Short answer:
Zentangle” is a registered name for a process of drawing (hence the ® above).
There are some specific parts to it (a few  are mentioned below).
A Zendoodle is basically the same idea, but without some of the
confinements of a Zentangle (also called a tangle).
You can read more at Living the Fantastic Life or the official Zentangle site.
          I started doodling with patterns in 2012 and have slowly completed a little over 10 projects.  Doodling is usually done once the kids are in bed and it's time to get in some adult TV  or movie time.  More often than not I take a little clip board, my pens, a zentangle book or two and watercolor paper into the living room with me to work.  In my earliest projects I wanted to utilize the whole piece of paper.  More recently I have changed to a subject. The idea is not to be perfect but to relax and clear your mind.   I believe it works, though once the pen is down it does not take long for things to start piling up again.
       Below are a few of my tangles with the date completed.  Keep in mind my tangles have taken a few days or even months to complete as life often takes over.   Pinterest is a wonderful resource for learning new patterns and even getting ideas of the type of end product you would like.  

Feb 2015
March 2015
August 2015
September 2015
* This idea was taken from another design on Pinterest. 
Although very much like it the patterns are very different. 
I had a friend in mind while doing this project and this was a gift for her.
November 2015
November 2015
Feb 2016
* This idea was taken from another design on Pinterest.
 The tree in the circle and the straight lines were all like the
 one on Pinterest as I needed a jumping off point. 
Once I was ready I made the design my own.
March 2016
Happy Crafting Friends!
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