Monday, March 28, 2016

Calendar Easel Cards

      Last Summer was really rough when it came to friendships.  Life changes quickly especially in a military based community like ours.   I had become fast friends with another mom who's little girl was the same age as my girls.  Her husband was here only for training and we knew our time together was short and we tried our best to make the most of it. 
       Another friend I have known since middle school found out in early spring her partner would be moving to California to work for Disney. Although the idea still excites me as think it, I am so sad she moved.  She is like another aunt to our girls and they love her like one to.
      The girls of course were close to both my friends and often ask for them and I think of them often.  I wanted them to know that no matter how far they are they are most certainly in our hearts.  I figured a year long reminder might help and made them each a calendar easel card with stamps I thought represented them.
Stampin' Up - Simply Sketched

Unity Stamp Co - November Kit of the Month
       I purchased the easel file from Silhouette and went from there. You can find tutorials on YouTube as well.  Stamp sets are noted above.  I stamped on Kraft Card stock and used mainly white color pencils to add detail to each card with exception of the second card's flowers. 
In late February I entered the Second card into a Facebook challenge for Unity Stamp Co  and won!  Unity Stamps are amazing and always beautiful!
      As the year goes by I hope my sweet friends remember just how much they mean to the girls and me.
Happy Craftin'!

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