Thursday, August 29, 2013

Teddy Bear Picnic

Today was the first day in months I sat down 
and thought, "What am I supposed to do?"  
No list of crafts or projects that need to be completed.  
Yet, there are a few I know I need to do, 
but are not in need of immediate attention.  
I was relieved though a little confused.

This past summer, I worked on 
everything we needed for the birthday party.  
I choose Teddy Bear Picnic since it speaks 
to all children and adult and it would go 
perfectly with a BBQ style party.   
The girls thankfully have just in the past 
month fallen in love with Minnie Mouse and it's
 still not a priority to do character themed parties.   

After talking to my mom about the theme I 
wanted she offered her beautiful 
back yard as the location.   I was thrilled 
and just needed to get a move on.  
 In May I started planning and 
purchasing items as I found them. 
Checkered/Gingham items are hard to come by after
 Independence Day.  In June I started on the details.  
In July I was lazy but still working :), it's so hot here.   
First of August I was still finding more items 
I wanted to add to the party.   The one items that 
took me forever to complete because I just 
could make myself do it was the banner 
and of course it's one thing I didn't get a photo of :(. 

Welcome to the PARTY! 
Justin worked hard that morning getting 
the sign ready to welcome guests. 
He did such a great job!

Our Welcome Table. 
All little guests had the option to pick 
bear ears, party hats or both. 
Treat Boxes had small coloring books, 
lady bug bubbles and crayons inside. 
Just in case we had older guests we had treat bags 
with true fact books, puzzle balls and bubbles. 
We used the large teddy bear painting on the 
left for our pin the bow on teddy game. 

Our little guests enjoying the slide. 

We invited two beary important guests to 
the party and the kids loved cuddling with them. 

Felt ears were by far my favorite detail, 
but the hardest project. 
A friend helped me attach them to the headbands 
one afternoon and has made me swear no more ears, haha.
There were so many steps in the ear making process that I agree. 
For the girls theirs were the only ones with bows.  
They had matching bows for their ears and hair, 
to help us all see who was who.  
Ava in pink and Olivia in green. 

As an added activity and gift for all our little 
guests they were able to dress their own 
teddy bears with felt vests, party hats and scarves. 
This was a last minute add on activity. 
Ava trying to find Olivia, "You forgot your ears!"

We did hamburgers & hot dogs as our main meal, 
with regular BBQ sides like potato salad, 
pasta salad and chips.  As an added touch I made 
lady bug crackers, (Ritz crackers, cherry tomatoes, 
cream cheese, olives and chives.)

And I couldn't help but make Teddy Bear Trail mix.
Honey Combs, Teddy Grahams, 
Gold Fish, Pretzels, & M&Ms.

Another late addition to the party 
was a pull-string lady bug pinata.
The kids loved it.

And you can't have a birthday party with out Cupcakes! 
I did decorate the cupcakes myself and I am 
beyond happy with how they turned out, 
funky daisy flowers and all.  
I ordered sugar lady bugs and bumble bees to add on top. 

Candles for the birthday girls! 

Our cupcakes and ice cream table.
We did small cup ice cream with 4 
different flavors to choose from. 

Our birthday girls blowing out the candles.
Yes they did it all on their own. 
Don't you love Daddy's hat?



 Elisabeth with Olivia with her very lovely icing face.

Papa, Ava, Olivia & Nana. 

Our big furry guest exhausted after the party.
How they got like this no ones knows.

The party was wonderful and everyone had a blast. 
We took so many photos it's hard to share them all. 
It's two weeks later and I still feel like those bears.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful little girls, Olivia & Ava.
Thank you all who shared in their special day with them.