Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sneek Peek!

OMG I should have been working
on a big order today, but
I just couldn't help myself!
It's a big deal, I haven't felt this
way about a project in a long time.

I worked on this most of the
day and even lost track of time.
It's way more detailed than I thought.
So far...
Today is Crop so I hope to finish this
up as well as the first half of my order.

I saw this idea posted somewhere and
just couldn't get it out of my head,
so I had to make my own.

I'll post the finished project soon!

Tallyscrapper & Sketch Inspiration...

Every year Tallyscrapper hosts
the Survivor Challenges.
Each week each team gets a new Challenge.

Here is this weeks Requirements Summary:
~Must have at least one Photo with MORE than one person in it. CHECK!
~Must have Tan/Brown AND Blue! CHECK!
~Must have at least 2 staples and a piece of recycled scrapbook packaging. CHECK!
I used 5 staples and used the packaging from Sass Lass Felties for journaling.

This is Justin and me on vacation in 2009.
Yep, still working on that album :0).
I saw this little yellow fishy in my stash and
knew I had to find a way to use him!
So with a few little yellow flowers it worked!

I also used Sketch #207 from Sketch Inspiration
a wonderful sketch site from the amazing Trisha!
If you're looking to boost your inspiration
this is the site to wonder!

Thanks for looking and Happy Scrappin'!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Are you Sketchy?

Are you Sketchy? is a challenge
on Tally Scrapper Right Now and linked to a
Current Challenge on Pages Maps for
the AMAZING Becky Fleck.

Tally Scrapper Due Date March 2
and Page Maps Due Date Feb 27!
Hurry Hurry!
Cool Prizes are up for both!

I knew right away what I
wanted to scrap for this sketch.
On a recent shopping trip with Mom and a
Scrap Friend I was able to stock up on
pretty papers and other baby themed items
to start my Pregnancy Scrapbook.

The Pink Tab in the back is actually a
pull tab with my journaling.
It's long, so here's a shorter variation.

On Feb 1 we had the first DR appointment
and were told all seemed to be ok except
that my uterus was larger than what is
should be for only 7 weeks.
So I was sent for an ultrasound
to confirm how far along I was.

As Justin and I waited for our turn,
Justin was joking about some tacos
I inhaled a couple days before.
And told me it's okay, I'm eating for 3.
Haha very funny, I was still
hoping I was only having one baby.

As the Tech was doing the procedure
I saw 2 little bodies and knew
right away Justin was right.
Two little Gummy Bears-Twins!

Oh the scary factor, two of everything.
We'll get through it though and I'm
sure it'll be a major adventure.
We're both very excited and only hope
that all goes well and the babies
are happy healthy and adorable!

Thanks for looking & Happy Scrappin'!

Projects Submitted so Far this month!

I hope to get more participation for the
Challenges, however if it doesn't pick up
by May I'll have to close the challenges
for prizes. That makes me sad.
So pretty please start playing along with us.
I promise to do the challenges too from
here on out. I know I know I've been bad
not doing my own challenges.

Okay on to good news!
We have 3 entries so far this month!

Sketch & Shopping List
Forever Young

The Shopping List Cards
You Make me Smile & Oh Baby

I'll be doing the sketch this week. YAY!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello Again, after a long break...

It's been way to long and I
apologize for this LONG break.
Alot has been going on the last couple
month both reality and emotionally.

December was nuts with the holidays.
January we adopted 2 new puppies, a
brother and sister, however the sister
was very ill and didn't make it.
The brother, Zeus is definitely
capable of being God of Thunder.
He talks alot and is more a guard dog
than the others, but so far is blending
in quite well, especially with Zoey.
There will be more about him soon.

In Jan we also found out I'm
pregnant with our first baby.
My dad and brother were home for a
couple weeks and we stayed very busy.
It was perfect timing though since we
got to tell my family as a whole.

Feb has so far been an adventure.
Our first baby turns out to be two babies!
We're having twins. Crazy.
Justin and I are both very excited though.
So emotionally it's been a roller coaster.
I'm due mid September, though I'm sure
the twins will make an early appearance.

I'll be back soon with Layouts to share.
I hope to be more active on
the blog in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Craftastic Challenge # 21 - Feb 1/28

I am no longer able to send packages
to international countries.
Participants must be in the US.

Are you ready for challenges?

Here's the details:

Below you'll find 4 challenges.
2 LO Challenges, 1 Card Challenge and 1 Altered Item Challenge.
You are not being asked to do all challenges, though.

For each Challenge you submit to me your name will be
entered into a "raffle" for the monthly RAK.
So if you do one challenge you will be entered once, do 4
then you'll be entered 4 times.
This is just a way to Challenge you and give you the chance
to try new techniques.
If you have suggestions on RAKs or Challenges let me know
and I'll be more than happy to try to incorporate them.

Layout Sketch
For this one just follow the sketch and make it your own at the same time.
This Sketch is brought to you by the talented Becky Fleck of www.Pagemaps.com.

Layout Shopping List
Use at least 3 of the following items in a LO.
~ 1 LARGE Photo
~ 2+ Buttons
~ Circles
~ Color Pink
~ Border Punches
~ 3+ Pattern Papers
~ 2+ Chipboard Pieces
~ Charm
~ Stamp
~ Bling
~ Handmade Embellishment

(If you combine LO Challenges 1 & 2 your name will be entered an extra time, so instead of 2 chance to win the RAK it'll be 3.)

Card Sketch
Follow the sketch and make it your own at the same time.
This Sketch is brought to you by the talented Becky Fleck of www.Pagemaps.com.

Outta the Box
It's a month into the new year but many of
us still have to find a planner or calendar.
Your challenge this month is to make
your own date book or calendar.

Submitting your work is easy,
either post a comment here with the
link or email me a photo @ craftasticlife@hotmail.com.
Just make sure to put in the Subject Line
"Craftastic Challenge #21"
and the Title(s) of your project(s).
Multiple entries for a challenge are welcomed!
Challenge ends February 28, 2011.

I am no longer able to send packages
to international countries.
Participants must be in the US.

Now for goodies!!
I'll be adding a mini
album to all RAKs when there are more
than 10 entries for the Challenge.

Here is the Prize:

Have fun ladies and I can't
wait to see what you create!!