Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello Again, after a long break...

It's been way to long and I
apologize for this LONG break.
Alot has been going on the last couple
month both reality and emotionally.

December was nuts with the holidays.
January we adopted 2 new puppies, a
brother and sister, however the sister
was very ill and didn't make it.
The brother, Zeus is definitely
capable of being God of Thunder.
He talks alot and is more a guard dog
than the others, but so far is blending
in quite well, especially with Zoey.
There will be more about him soon.

In Jan we also found out I'm
pregnant with our first baby.
My dad and brother were home for a
couple weeks and we stayed very busy.
It was perfect timing though since we
got to tell my family as a whole.

Feb has so far been an adventure.
Our first baby turns out to be two babies!
We're having twins. Crazy.
Justin and I are both very excited though.
So emotionally it's been a roller coaster.
I'm due mid September, though I'm sure
the twins will make an early appearance.

I'll be back soon with Layouts to share.
I hope to be more active on
the blog in the coming weeks.
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