Monday, April 9, 2012


Spring has finally found us!
Our little princesses have a wardrope to envy!
They have plenty of pretty warm
weather clothes to choose from!
3 days straight they got to wear some form of Tutu.
But on this day it was extra special.

They were going to meet their great
Auntie Pat for the first time!

Oh how I wish my brain wasn't on over load all the time.
I forget to catch those very specail moments much too often.
All I have for photos is one with the
four of us and my aunt while at dinner.
And of Course these:

I sure hope I can remember to catch the
memories better from now on,
especially now that I've upgraded to an iPhone.
For now I have these photos.
These Cupcakes sure love thier Nana & Papa!

I have to tell you how silly my girls are!
Nana was in TX with Auntie Pat for a
couple weeks and Papa had been sick since Nana left.
That ment no visits at all!
This was a bad mix for the girls.
Olivia was actually having it pretty rough with Nana.
Olivia was giving shooting darts at Nana with her eyes.
Olivia was mean, lol.

Papa came by later on in the evening and by then Olivia
was already in the forgiving phase with Nana.
As soon as she saw Papa though she went into full crying mode.
Her cries were so hurt and upset.
My goodness it was a show!
Ava thankfully was very calm and just happy to have company.

It's been alittle over a week now and there are no
darts or crying just lots of love!

Well Happy Spring and I hope
the weather is nice in your area!
Summer is creeping up much too fast here in Arizona.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Swappitty Swap Challenge

Bree from recently
hosted a Swappitty Swap Challenge where
we swapped photos with our partner.
It was a way to Scrapbook for someone
else, and it was so much fun!

I was paired up with Kelzpop and was able to scrap
a darling photo of her daughter Braelyn at the Pumpkin Patch.

I recently participated in a Yellow Swap in a Scrap group.
I was in charge of handmade flowers and had quite a few left over.
So this little pretties were perfect to brighten up the page.
Here are the other flowers I made.

It was fun scrapping for someone else.
And it was certainly a challenge to come up
with a layout that another person may love!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My little Monkeys

Uncle Daniel LOVES his little nieces to pieces as he so often says
and this means when he visit he takes plenty of photos.
I'm so grateful that he does because I never got my own photos
of the girls in their little monkey hats.
  I was able to take these photos from his Facebook page :).
I need to start marking the actual Layouts with the girls initials
so we make sure later on even we can tell who was who!
Thanks Uncle Daniel! TFL!

Friday, April 6, 2012

A girl can never have enough...

Hair accessories, especially when there are two Girls!
Our Family and Friends have helped to
make the collection even BIGGER!
And there is no doubt that Mommy adds
to the madness on a regular basis.

We have some very talented local ladies that make
BEAUTIFUL hair pieces and a
few online friends that do so as well.

Links to my favorite designers are below with photos
of their work on my little super models.

So how does one organize that many bows?

My buddy Erin got me started a
while back making little ones.
You can find my original one here.

For my little Cupcakes I began with
 two 16x20 and two 11x14 canvases.
THEY were too small. I needed more room.
So I went back to Big Lots and got five
of the Largest Canvases they had.

I then found fabric in an almost solid color that would allow
the bows to stand out as well as a few spools of ribbon.
I wrapped each canvas tightly with fabric
and stapled the fabric in the back.
Then I marked where I wanted the ribbon
and stapled the ribbon strips on.
From there I was able to organize the bows.

It's not enough room I admit but at
least there is some room to spare :).

6 Months

My little Cupcakes keep me extra busy so I love when I can say I finished a project! In this case it took me 2 crops to finally finish a Layout. The girls are growing so fast and every month we take tons of photos and have tried our best to get photos on the 22nd of each month to celebrate another month. Here are my little Cupcakes at 6 months old!
Ava is in the polka dots and Olivia is in the Orange. Both babies have so much personality. Justin and I call them the Princess and the Diva. Olivia is our princess. Ava is our little diva. Princess expects it. Diva demands it. Lol! Thank you for stopping by and happy scrappin'!