Friday, April 6, 2012

A girl can never have enough...

Hair accessories, especially when there are two Girls!
Our Family and Friends have helped to
make the collection even BIGGER!
And there is no doubt that Mommy adds
to the madness on a regular basis.

We have some very talented local ladies that make
BEAUTIFUL hair pieces and a
few online friends that do so as well.

Links to my favorite designers are below with photos
of their work on my little super models.

So how does one organize that many bows?

My buddy Erin got me started a
while back making little ones.
You can find my original one here.

For my little Cupcakes I began with
 two 16x20 and two 11x14 canvases.
THEY were too small. I needed more room.
So I went back to Big Lots and got five
of the Largest Canvases they had.

I then found fabric in an almost solid color that would allow
the bows to stand out as well as a few spools of ribbon.
I wrapped each canvas tightly with fabric
and stapled the fabric in the back.
Then I marked where I wanted the ribbon
and stapled the ribbon strips on.
From there I was able to organize the bows.

It's not enough room I admit but at
least there is some room to spare :).

Shop at craft shows, farmers markets and etsy!
There are always amazing ladies with
beautiful crafts and amazing talents!

(Local) Teri of Gracie's Pretties made this adorable corkscrew
 bows for The Cupcakes Valentine's Day outfits.

These amazing photos were taken by the very
talented Erin Ratchford of Erin.Ratchford.Photography

(Local) And Kim Ortega made the girls Bows and Tutus to match.

And at a recent Craft show I purchased
these adorable headbands, also from Kim!

 Summer from Bows, Bling and Beyond made these
adorable Big Sister &Little Sister Bows.

So see you can never have enough accessories!
I hope this helped give inspiration for all those
 pretty bows you may have piling up!

Now if you have ways to organize those pretty
 stretchy head bands please let me know!
Those are piling up too and I'm clueless what to do.
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