Tuesday, February 23, 2010

YAY! Inspiration!

My buddy Erin recently posted two very
fabulous hair clip organizers
and I fell in LOVE with her idea.
Of course that means I made my own!!

I did just like Erin and used a canvas.
Wrapped tulle around the canvas making it
alittle bunched to a more interesting effect.
Then wrapped it with twine.
I used decorative brads on most areas
where the twine crossed its self.
Then decorated it using ribbon flowers and a
misted flower from the Jan Kit from Juju Bee's!
I added hooks to the bottom just like Erin's.

Once the misted flower completely dries
I'll be putting it in the master bathroom
to hold the many clips I've gathered.

Since I bought tulle for the canvas I bought
quite a few other colors to make flowers!
Most of the ones below have the bar
pins in the back, to wear on clothing.
The two on the bottom right corner are mine!
I've made them into hair clips.

Why the fascination with hair clips?
I recently cut my hair very short!
It's above my shoulders something that hasn't
happened since I was in high school!
It's too short for my normal but I do like it.
It's looks super cute
and it's super easy to style.
Since it's so short I can't put a pony tail
so to dress it up a little I've
been buying cute little hair clips.

Most recently for Joe's
graduation I bought a flower one.
It was very pricey!
$5.00 for one little hair clip.
So I'll be making me a ton in every
color since tulle is only $.97 a yard.
And I have plenty to make mom
a few pins for her jackets.
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