Monday, February 1, 2010

Juju Bee's Clean Sweep Offical Rules

Organizing is key to making
your space more efficient.
You want to look at a few key things
about your space and you crafting
style before you start.

What do you have a lot of? Maybe
it’s ribbon or stickers or paper.
What amount of space do you have to
organize your supplies?
Do you have drawer space, shelves,
empty walls, cabinets?
Look at what you use most such as tools &
adhesives; are they in an easy reach area?

Each Monday starting February 1st,
a new challenge will be posted.
You will need to post a before and after
photo of the challenge space and post
it in the appropriate thread.
Photos will need to posted by the next Monday.

Each Challenge post will have ideas of how to
organize the challenge area such as, ribbon,
paper, buttons, stickers ect.
How you organize it is up to you and your needs.
Organizing doesn’t have to be a
pricey venture and I hope to include
thrifty solutions for each challenge.

You will not need to participate every week.
The challenge is mainly just to
help you organize your space.
For each challenge you complete your name
will go into a drawing at the end for a prize!
The prize will be posted in a just a few weeks.

I hope you get to play along and have fun!
Go here to start with the
Juju Bee's Clean Sweep Challenge.
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