Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shrink-a-dink Jewelry Tutorial

Most of you have seen my project
for this month's Dotty Diva's Prompt!

I mentioned I used shrink-a-dinks
and here is the tutorial.

Collect your Supplies.
I used a Crop-a-dile, Staz On, Cuttle Bug
with Butterfly die and embossing folders,
Shrink-a-dinks, Jewelry Jump rings, beads,
clasps and used a conventional oven.
(Not all items are pictured.)

Cut out your shapes.
I cut out 6 butterflies.
5 for the bracelet and 1 for the necklace.
I have tiny wrists so if you'd like
a larger bracelet cut out a few more.

Emboss all butterflies.

Rub Staz On over the Top to
make the embossing stand out.

Punch 3/16" hole on each wing.
Remember these shrink so though the
hole may look large it won't be after
it's been in the oven to shrink.

Lay the Butterflies on a flat baking sheet.
Follow Shrink-a-Dinks directions
for the oven temp and time.

Butterflies are done shrinking.

Use jump rings to link
butterflies to create a bracelet.

Add small beads for interest.

Tada! Cute new jewelry and even a simple
way to make embellishments for a project.
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