Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bowling & More!

So far my year has been full of family activites.
I haven't been to see my mom's side
of the family in years and recently
we've started to travel to Texas.
The trips weren't started as a pleasure,
but they are a blessing in so many ways.
To able to be with family and spend time
with them is very important to me and I
cherish these moments good and bad.

So in my most recent trip to TX my honey
was able to tag along for a few days.
We got to spend Saturday with my cousins Jenny,
her son Kristian, and her boyfriend Carlos.

We spent the most of the day with
Kristian visiting the Border Patrol
Museum and later on the Science Museum.
The Boys (Justin & Kristian) were really having fun!
I learned alot about the Border Patrol
and even more greatful they are defending
our borders, they have alot to protect,
but the job will never be over.

For lunch we met with Jenny at the
Incrediable Pizza Company!
It's like a pumped up Peter Piper
with go karts, bowling, an arcade
and a buffet of yummy pizza.

Later on in the evening we got together with
Jenny, Carlos and Kris to go bowling.
Carlos won the first round and allowed
his ego to get too large :).
He was so busy bragging he
lost the second round to me :).
I hate to bowl and am usually not very good,
but that evening I was doing really well.
You'll see the scores below and my score is
under "Titi" my nick name my family calls me.

Just alittle look into what I've been up to.
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