Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Monsters!

SO most ladies have their baby books they keep up with. I on the other hand have a album that all doggie! I love my monsters like a mom loves her children. In 2006 I began a scrapbook for Lily and Booster. When we moved in 2007 I stopped due to my scrappin' stuff was all in storage and I had no space to play. I finally got a little space and had my honey take me to storage to find some of my scrapin' stuff to bring back to the house. I found the old album along with a matching brand new one. So I've started the new one and below is what I've done so far!

Little About Each of my Monsters who are mutts:

Lily (Kayla-Lily) is my strong, smart, independent and bitchy one! She's adorable and sweet too, but everything is on her terms. She's good at letting you know when she's upset by the tone of her grumble and bark. She's been know to even back talk. When Justin and I went on a search for our first dogs I told him I wanted a dog that was independent and smart. Lily is everything I hoped for and more, however she isn't my baby! When we got Lily and Booster Lily was supposed to mine, and Booster Justin's. However that didn't happen. Justin is Lily's human and Boo chose me. Lily knows I'm mom and she loves me but daddy is her favorite(besides grandma.) Lily is awesome, when we brought home Zoey I though Lily was going to have problems. In fact she loves Zoey and treats her like her baby. They play all the time, and that's something I never thought would happen. Lily's favorite toys are tug toys. A good game of tug of war with a human or Zoey is perfect play time.

Booster is my sweet, gentle, whiner! LOL! You think I'm kidding, I'm not. He whines mainly for attention. Some days it's bad and some days it's ok. Justin wanted a vicious guard dog, instead he got a whimmy momma's boy. Booster does have a guard dog some where in there when he thinks I'm in danger or something / someone he doesn't know is entering this domain with out proper introduction from Justin and me. Boo hates to be in trouble and does everything he's told normally. Of all the three dogs he is the calmest and the sweetest. Boo looks like a vicious dog but beware he's a licker and a scared cat! As for welcoming Zoey, he hasn't been to happy about it since she's now the baby and not him. He acts like he doesn't care for her, but I have watched him and he loves her just as much as the rest of us. Zoey and Boo share alot of kisses and cuddle time. Booster's favorite toys are tennis balls. Play catch with him or give
him treats and he'll love you forever.

Zoey is my fluffy ball of crazy and sweetness. Justin brought her home as a present. I had see her at the local farmers market a few weeks in a row and finally had to take him to see her. He took me to work to relieve my Mom and they went back to get her. I didn't expect to have that little puppy at the house, but there she was in bed with daddy. He bought her a new collar and even named her and of course gave her, her first bath. I've always wanted a fluffy little dog. At first we went with what the seller told us. She was supposed to be a long haired Chihuahua so only 7 lbs and still pretty short fur. It's 7 months later and Zoey is nothing but fur. She's now 9lbs and looks nothing like a Chihuahua. It's actually fine with me, she's adorable. Zoey is so spunky and very friendly. She's so easy going it makes it easy for every one to like her, as well as my mom's 4 dogs. Her favorite toys are the other dogs, mainly Lily and Spikey!
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