Thursday, February 26, 2009

Survivor Challange Week 3

I've Joined the Team Schrute in the Survivor Challenges and this weeks challenge we had to use office supplies!

1. Staples
Holding the Ribbons ans the strip down on the left Side.
2. Hole Punch
On the Photo to hold it down. Also on the flower to hold it down with ribbon!
3. ledger or lined paper
Journaling! Left Side.
4. paper clip
Photo Holding Mat and Photo and To hold tag to paper.
5. white out or white paint
White Paint - Edge of Main Page and Lined Photo and Mat
Used Staples, Scotch Tape - Ribbon

I participated in a recent challenge for a love letter and did it for my puppy Zoey. I knew I couldn't leave out my other two monsters and this was the perfect challenge to do Lily's. I loved the challenge! Trying to think of what to do to get things to stick and how to use all the different things we needed.

Here's my letter:

Dear Kayla Lily,
You mean the world to me! In 2005 when we brought you home I knew life would never be the same. You have a unique personality.
You are:
~Independent ~Stubborn
~ Sweet ~Pushy
~ Smart ~Lovable
You are exactly what I wished for. Even though you're independent you still need and love attention. You're daddy's Lap Dog and always fun to play with! Yes even though you slap us back!
No Matter what you'll always be our Silly Lily! You're a beautiful girl! I'm so happy you're ours!
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