Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby Shower Fun...

Last year I met a wonderful lady, Julie.   She invited me to participate in monthly craft classes at a church.  Infact I was able to teach one of those classes :).   Julie's family and friends hosted a beautiful baby shower for her this past weekend.  
Evites went out months ago, and I was on the fence about what I wanted to take as my dish as the baby shower was pot luck.   I first thought of a veggie dip, but as the date drew closer rsvps were going up with what dished would be taken.  I missed out though I'm happy I did. 
 My next thought was cake pops.  I messaged the mommy-to-be and asked what she'd really like.  All she said was she LOVES chocolate.  As I was googling cake pop decoration ideas, I came across baby food jar cupcakes. 

I've been collecting baby food jars for over a month for friend who likes to use them for craft storage, but with the holidays we haven't spoken and honestly there were so many!!  Plus I knew i could manage to gather more easily, Olivia & Ava love to eat so that's no problem, lol.  

After searching pinterest for a bit I came across this link for using http://www.rookno17.com/2010/07/baby-food-cupcakes-your-guests-will-go.html baby food jars  as well as making it look like actual baby food.  Now the mommy-to-be said chocolate, so baby food looking cake wasn't going to work.  And honestly I wasn't to keen on printing baby food labels. 
I went with Chocolate Cake Mix (4 boxes) & Chocolate Icing (2 canisters).  
After searching a local craft store I came across the perfect topping.
I used Pink Chocolate Melts to use in the candy molds.
After cleaning each jar (40 jars) and sanitzing them, I got to work on baking.
You MUST fill each jar only half way!  
Don't go past half or you'll have a big mess of cake. 
That's right, I did that and regret not reading the instructions :).
Just follow the directions in the link on what all you must do!
While those were baking batch by batch, I got to work on candy molds and making the jar belt.
All I knew was the shower was girl themed :) so I went with all pink, and used my cricut to make the little onsie.
It was a LONG night but I'm so happy with the results and the mommy-to-be was so excited to see them and more importantly to eat one :).
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