Tuesday, January 29, 2013


My computer and I fight ALOT.
I wish I could say I'd blog more,
but there isn't much crafting going on.
when there is, I blog in the background though
rarely if ever finish a post and
publish it the same day I started it.
If you subscribe you'll see
multiple posts at the same time.
It's a rare thing but it happens.
It means I've had a chance to take a tiny break and
have fought with my computer enough to get it working.
I miss blogging as much as I miss crafting.
However, my little "Cupcakes" come first.
The girls are in the Monkey stage, climbing couches,
tearing through toy boxes and finding their voices.
Some days are easy, others are rough.
Some days I wish I had a door to my
craft room and could hide, lol.
I can start a project, but get distracted easily,
my focus shifts so much I give up easily.
I have however been smashing and LOVE it,
but even as simple as it maybe it's not often.
Just a quick glimpse into my life the past few months. 
September was quiet and we had only one major event.
We took a day trip to Mesa for a trip to Ikea and Sea Life.
We came home with a tunnel which they LOVE.
October was super busy, with a family
wedding, and lots of Halloween events!
They did trick or treat this year at the mall.
Olivia as the lady bug & Ava as the bumble bee.
November was also busy with family
events and a very Happy Thanksgiving.
But we also had some more normal days in there.
Olivia telling on Ava.
Ava making a big mess with her milk.
December was crazy, lol. 
Baking cookies, photo shoots, story time
with Santa and unwrapping too many presents.
Santa & The Cupcakes
A photo shoot gone crazy. 
But I have to admit of all the photos this is my favorite.
We couldn't finish off December with out family photos!
We even got to enjoy a bit of snow!
January had been quiet again thankfully.
The girls are growing so fast.
Ava upset that she had to go back into the
living room instead of wondering the house.
Crying or not she looks adorable in her little black dress.
Olivia now has a thing for purses!
She's only 17months old and such a girlie girl!
How could anyone be upset about not crafting
when they have these adorable babies to look at all day:).
If you made it this far you're a trooper!
I wish I could share creations more often
but I really do like being a mommy more.
Happy Crafting!
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