Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cyber Crop Weekend @ Tally Day Sunday

So today I worked on a few things. I worked on a tutorial for making flowers, which I'll be posting this week in one of the myspace groups I'm in, a couple more of the challenges for Tally! Have I ever mentioned I love!

Here's the challenges I did today.

Art Work: Use a piece of "artwork" whether it's a child's, yours, doodling you did, or maybe an old school piece of artwork you did into your scrap layout. Try to make it the focus or background of the page.

Journaling reads:

With no kiddo around I decided to
Ask Mom for help!
She loves when she can "regress."
March 1, 2009

She even colored with her left hand to make it more childlike, lol! I love her she's silly! And a bit Crazy! Thank goodness I have such a cool mom!

Secret :Your challenge is to scrap a secret that you will want your children, a family member or a friend to know but that you don't want to just come out and tell them.

* Scrap it on black cardstock - YEP
* Use white letters for your title - YEP
* Tell the secret in your own handwriting - YEP

I wasn't sure I wanted to do this challenge. But this evening I turned around to find my husband's uniform on the floor waiting to be put in the wash and it got me thinking. I wanted this super simple, since really it's all about how the uniform effects me.


Most wives of law enforcement and military feel the same way I do. Scared, worried. So it's not so secret how I feel. But I'm not one to come right out and say it. Until now. Even this isn't so out right.

My husband is part of a very important government agency, the US Border Patrol. In 2007 Dh started his new career after serving 8 years in the US Army Military Police. I was worried and scared then too, but it seems even more so now.

I worry if he's okay just getting to work. It's an hour commute for him. I worry about what he'll encounter through out the day. Will he catch a drug load? Will it be an easy process? Will the illegals be cooperative? Will there be a scuffle? Is he safe? Will he be okay driving home after such a long day?

Yes there are great benfits for us as a family, but can we overcome all those crazy tasks? He's a smart man and good at his job, but I worry just the same. I pray everday that I'll have my husband safely come home after each shift.
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