Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cyber Crop Weekend @ Tally Day Saturday

With it being CyberCrop weekend that means there's a bunch of cool challenges! I've only done a few so far. So I need to get into gear tomorrow!

So this one is What I Love About me.

My Journaling reads:
What I Heart about me:
1. I'm Honest
2. I speak up
3. I'm short (It comes in Handy)
4. I'm creative
5. I can be girlie
6. I'm a bargain shopper
7. I'm smart
8. I'm organized
9. I love history
10. I love reading

Roses & Loli Pop Flower Cards
I only did roses so far, hopefully I'll do LoliPops tomorrows.

I did more shopping today than anything :). Mom and I were trying to find something to go over ther fire place. And I think we finally succeeded. I'll have to post a picture tommarrow. I did the florals, something I normally make mom do!
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