Saturday, May 2, 2009

Match Book Album Tutorial

I'll be giving you the step by step process of how to make a match book album it's pretty simple really. :)

Step 1: Gather your Supplies
~Paper Trimmer
~Scoring Blade / Stylus/ or Bone Folder
~ Hole Punch
~Eyelet Setter (If you choose to use eyelets)
~1 12x12 Sheet Cardstock
~1 4 1/2 x 12 Sheet of heavy weight Pattern Paper
~2 Eyelets or 2 Brads

Step 2: Scoring the Pattern Paper to be the cover.
Attach the scoring blade to your trimmer or use the bone folder or stylus to score your paper. Set the paper in horizontally and score it three times from the left edge: at 1", at 6 1/2 and at 7". Fold at score line to close like a match book.

Step 3: Cut and Score your Cardstock.
Cut your solid cardstock into 3 strips, each measuring 4"x12". Set your first strip into your trimmer horizontally. Score the strip at 5 1/4" and 9 1/4". Score your second and third strips at 4" and 8".

Step 4: Cut off the end of Strip 1.
Cut the smallest section off of the first cardstock strip.

Step 5: Insert first strip into matchbook.
Start with your first strip and take the largest portion measuring 4"x5 1/4" and attach it to the inside of the cover centering it under the small flap.

Step 6: Insert Eyelets or Brads to Secure.
Mark two holes on the front small flap about 1" from the each side. Punch hole through all 3 layers; small flap, 1st piece cardstock, and back cover. Insert Brads or Set Eyelets to secure.

Step 7: Attach Second and Third Strips of cardstock
Lay the match book horizontally. Take the send strip and attach it to the 1st strip piece that measures 4". They should overlap. Take the 3rd strip and attach to the 2nd strip. Fold the pages in an accordion style.

Step 8: Close book and TaDa Match Book Album!

Make sure when embellishing not to use thick embellishments since the book spine is only meant to hold a stack of pages 1/2" high.

Here is my match book album completed. I found different pictures on the internet of places I would love to some day visit such as Paris, New York, Athens, Madrid, and Venice. I used photo shop to journal under each photo why I wanted to visit each place. They ended up looking like "Faux" Polaroid’s when I printed and cropped them.

~Note: Project Taken from "Outstanding Mini Albums" by Jessica Acs. Measurements have been adjusted for easier construction.
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