Thursday, May 7, 2009

Doing the Happy Sleepy Dance!

I had one of my migranes last night and went to bed about 7pm. Only to walk up about 11 and I'm still awake it's already 5:30am, but I got crafty! It's horrible my inspiration really doesn't kick in until past midnight. I'm super sleepy now but I think I did some of my best work this evening/morning.

First I'll share with you my Blog Challenge Layout. It's not an entry since I'm hosting, lol, but I want to make sure I do with you all.

I picked:
~ Large Letter
~ Use 1 Large Flower
~ Bling
~ 4 or more Photos
~ 12 Buttons
~ Corragated Cardboard
~ Use Rubons
~ 3 Pattern Papers
~ Use Paint

Wow 9 outta 14! Yay me! I forgot to do the hand stitching though, so I might still do it and retake the picture.

Okay then I did Pinky's 5 Challenge. You had to have 3 sets of 5 Items.

I did 5 buttons, 5 work title, 5 embellishments, 5 photos, and 5 pattern papers.

I also did the ATC card challenge on tally. I journaled on the back of things I would one day like to have or do.

Okay now I'm headed to bed. Hope everyone has a great day.
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