Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sheet Load of Cards

yes that's the title and the name of a site that I truly adore and just recently found! I downloaded the May issue to see what the e-zine is all about and wow! They give you the amount of sheets of paper you need and how to cut them to end up with a whole set of cards with out wasting paper and the sketch to follow. In this issue you make a total of 9 regular 4.25" square cards and 9 1.25"x4.25" scraplings! I make sets of cards often to send to my Mother-In-Law and absolutely love the simplicity of the guide. I highly recommend at least a look at their blog and the May issue at Sheet Load of Cards.

Here's my take on the sketch and yes I completed the whole set which some will be going to my MIL :).

I plan on looking through past issues for more sketches to try.

A little update on the Blog Challenge #2, we currently have 5 entries!! Whoopie. Only 5 more to go and I'll be sending out a second RAK.

Some of you may have noticed I never updated the NSD post. Well this weekend was busy. I spent all day saturday out and about. Visiting the LSS, our old place of business and then the Festival of the Southwest at the city park. None of which was very exciting. One day I'll have to blog about our mom's store, which we closed in december. But not tonight, I'm sleepy. I'll get a hold of mom's camera soon to post pics from the festival!
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