Friday, May 8, 2009

Card Challenge w/RAK

I've been making alot of cards lately and would love to challenge you all to make at least one. Here's the deal, you make one card, leave me a direct link in the comments to find your card or email me a picture of your card at You may enter up to 3 cards. If you use my tutorial for a pop-up card let me know and I'll enter your name twice.

Example: Christy decides she going to make only 2 cards, but one is a pop up. She gets entered in 3 times for the RAK.
Vicky does all 3 cards and all are pop up she'll have her name entered 6 times.

Clear as mud?

Okay so what are you working towards? Well satisfaction of making a couple cards and having a chance at receiving a cute little bookmark or key chain of your choice and a cool set of journal cards from Fancy Pants.

Due Date for this is May 15th just like the Blog Challenge #2. The person who is picked for the RAK must let me know which charm she would like A, B, C, D E, or F as well as if she would like it as a bookmark or key chain when she sends me her addy.

Good Luck Ladies. I'll be making a slide show here to show off your works of art.

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