Thursday, May 7, 2009

Famous among other things...

So today has been a very long day, with going to bed at 5:30AM and waking up at 9AM to let the dogs out. Justin wanted to go to Tucson for some shopping but we had an arrand in town to run. We went to our old place of business and went only to send a few things out UPS and found out I'm FAMOUS!

Only in our little tiny town but still! My buddy from the optical was coming down the hallway telling me " need your autograph your famous!! You're on the phone phone book!" I told her she was crazy! I have the main phone book I'm not on it. Turns out our dinky town is growing and they made a Business and Services Directory and on the back used pictures from local events.

My mug is one of those pictures!!! It's from the 2008 Community Craft Fair. Justin Joked that they choose my picture since I was the youngest vendor at the event! He's a dork. So yes I'm officially on everyone's directory in SV. How neat is that?

So to top that Justin took me to the newpaper office to get a few copies of the directory and then took me shopping in Tucson. He's so sweet! When we got home I was greeted with 2 very important boxes. My May Kit and my whimsey jar from Stacey!

The Whimsey jar stacey sent me is awesome, decorated with my inital and stuffed with loads of goodies in and out! Here are a few pictures:

I think it's been more than an exciting day! I'll be going to be early.
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