Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spooky Sexy Can

Colleen did fantastic work with her can!
I think I need to make one with the Halloween Theme too!

The girls were able to pick from my
many monthly kits. So when Colleen
choose the Halloween Themed one I was
curious what she was up to! She created
this wonderful, fun and spooky can to be
used later on in the season as a "BOO" can.

How to start the tradition:

1. Create a "Boo" bag/basket o' goodies
(if this is new in your neighborhood, you may want to create 3 or 4)
2. Print a "Boo" gram.
3. Find your unsuspecting target
4. Make the "drop"
5. Ring the doorbell and knock
6. RUN!!!

I LOVE this idea and think
I might try it this year.

Unfortunately, Colleen will be moving soon.
We're going to miss her terribly.
But, we might get to have her visit once and a while!
Thanks Colleen for brightening
all our lives with your laughter!

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