Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Splish Splash Sexy Can

Summer is offically over but that
certianly doesn't mean you can plan for
the future and next summer's vacation!
Jennifer created her can to be
used for her vacation savings!
She's a smart lady getting started now!

Don't you just love the big flower on the side?
Jennifer's can leaves me dreaming of the ocean!

Silk and Paper Flowers
Silk flowers are available in sizes from
small to giant! Some are designed specifically
for scrapbooking, but you can also pick up
inexpensive ones at discount stores. Don’t be
afraid to place flowers so that part of them
extends off of the page; simply trim the
overhanging part to fit your page inside a page
protector. Silk and paper flowers are best
adhered using brads or eyelets or buttons
stitched as centers.

When using Dollar Store Silk Flowers
keep in mind they are not acid free!

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