Monday, October 4, 2010

Elengant & Bright Sexy Can

Bea's can is seriously beautiful!
The bright & big flower makes the can.

Bea got to learn how to use Rub-ons
for the first time with this project
and the result is beautiful!

A few tips when working with rub-ons:
1. Always separate the image you want by
cutting it away from the others in the
package. This will help make sure you don't
over lap and use images you don't want.
2. Most packages of rub-ons come with a
burnishing tool, usually just a Popsicle
stick. The Popsicle stick will work but
may cause damages to your project, such
as tearing, scratching or denting. Using
a bone folder or tool made just for rub-ons
like the
Basic Grey Rub-on Tool will help
make sure your images is transferred with
clear and smooth results.
3. Not all rub-ons are manufactured the same.
You may have to press harder on some rub-ons
than others. Always store your rub-on in a
cool dry place. Leaving your rub-ons in a hot
car for instance can result in rub-ons that no
longer work as well.
4. The easiest place to use the rub-ons is on
a flat surface like card stock, patterned paper
or photographs. After you have mastered rub-ons
for flat surfaces you can move on to the next
level which would be using rub-on transfers on
material, ribbon, twill, glass, metal and mesh.

Happy Scrappin'!
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