Monday, October 18, 2010

Mini Update!

Later this week I hope to update the blog.
It's been FOREVER.
We've been busy with many many things.
Scrapbooking Classes, Crops, LOTS of
Tupperware, A last minute decision
today to throw a Halloween Party,
plus very important family matters.
And I hate to say this but the rest of
the year is looking just as booked :0),
both good and bad.
So If I get a chance I'll
be here with little tidbits.

I REALLY hope to share with you later this
week the many fun things I've done for
decorating the house for Halloween with
nothing but DOLLAR STORE items. YAY!!
(I have more things to do still!! Yikes!)

MAJOR BONUS!! I completed my very first
REAL Sewing project last night!!
I can't wait to show you all!
Even the hubby is surprised and extra proud.
He helped me just alittle with the finishing
touches but I did the main parts!
BTW, he sews and I have avoided the sewing
machine as much as possible until now.
Like my fortune cookie said today:
"Nothing Dared, Nothing Gained!"

I know I also need to announce the
Winner of the Last Challenge.
So I'll be getting that done too!

Thank you all for following the blog
and Happy Scrappin'!
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