Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flutter Sexy Can

The colors of Elisabeth's Sexy Can and
the fact that there is a butterfly on
the side of the can makes my heart Flutter!
Elisabeth used the Bo Bunny "Flutter Butter"
line for this beautiful can.

I LOVE how she did the belt line using
the green paper and a border punch.
It add so much depth to the layering.

Here’s how most decorative punches work:
(Visit this link for more information and photos!)
•Start with a strip of paper.
Place it in your punch. Punch once.
•Slide the strip down the punch,
placing it on top of the guide mark.
Many of today’s decorative border
punches have guide marks printed on
them, showing you exactly where to
set your paper when you punch.
Punch again.
•Slide the paper again. Place it
again over the guide mark. Punch yet
again. Repeat this step until your
border is long enough for your project.

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