Friday, March 30, 2012

My little friend to be...

The internet has a funny way of
driving us all crazy, making us all
sad, mad, happy and excited!
One thing I have loved is that we can
connect with others from around the world.
I'm sitting here in AZ while one
of my best friends is in Kansas.
My best friend E and I have never
physically met, however we
have this mutual bond.

I met E through
a few years ago.
It started with chats on messanger,
then video chats then snail mail of
boxes of little trinkets and though
now our lives are extra busy we still
have that connection.

Last year E made the most adorable
sugar cookies for my baby shower
and sent the girls gifts.
So when I found out she's pregnant I
knew I wanted to so make something
for little Huck to be.

I'm still learning to sew and one of
the first projects I did for the
Cupcakes was little lap blankets for
their carseats since BIG blankets
end up getting caught in everything.
So Little Huck needed some too!
Lucky boy I went crazy with his putting
little ribbons on the edges just like
the Taggies you find at the stores.
These blankets are just a bit
bigger than a fat quarter.
Perfect for his lap or even to
use as a changing mat on the go.

Many of us as new parents forget so
many of those specail moments we would
like to tell our children about someday.
As a way to give my best friend E and
her husband a way to do this I decorated
a little tin about 4x7 and printed off
journaling cards.
Some for Mommy and Some for Daddy!

I'm so happy for my friend and her growing family.
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