Monday, June 25, 2012

Family Mini Album

In April my mom, a friend and I went to CKC in Mesa.
We took 3 classes total and my favorite was
the mini album using canvas refill pages!
I Loved it so much I'm using the base idea here.

For Mother's Day I told my mom she and my
dad were getting a photo shoot with the girls.
I must admit I'm unwilling to give
her the mini album I made below. Sorry Momma!

For this album I used Prima Canvas Refill
Pages 6"x12", That's How We Roll **May Kit**
from Tally Scrapper as well as
other odds and ends I found in my stash.

Sears is fantastic if that's all you have near
you for taking professional photos, but looking
for local photographers is even better and you catch
those moments that aren't usually found in the stuffy
professional studio sessions. With local
photographers you can usually pick your own location,
and adapt as much to you're liking as possible.
In our case I ask the talented photographers to
work their magic and using their skills to help us
and our settings become their piece of art.
They know what works best and we can always let
them know if it's comfortable enough for us.
If you are concerned about price, compare the
time spent at a studio like Sears, cost of just
a CD with your selected photos and cost of prints,
they will more then likely be exactly the same as
a local photographer if not even better
with the independent photographer.

We booked this photo session with the very talented
Erin Ratchford of Erin. Ratchford.Photography.
If you are local I highly recommend Erin, she's easy
to work with and great at her skill.

These little girls have their Nana & Papa
wrapped around thier little pinkies!

Tim Holts has this amazing little rolls
of film strip now for projects. I used a
small strip and created my own cartoon to
put behind it. I made my hearts go from
right to left though I realize they are no
where near perfect I like how it embellished
the page of our little family.

I love these photos of just my parents.
I'm not sure the last time they had photos taken.
They've been married just over 30 years and
still love each other very much, that's
something to look foward to with my hubby!
Thanks for visiting today.
If you have a blog or links to your current
projects please leave me comment with them and
I'd love to see what you've been up to!

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