Monday, May 13, 2013

Washi Tape Class!!

Getting ready to host a washi tape class and 
I can honestly admit I'm in love with all things washi!!
Ok ok fine I think I'm obsessed!  Lol!
Last month mom, two friends and I went to CKC Mesa.  
One of our classes was Washi 101 with Queen & Co.
We learned quite a bit like how there's a million different 
designs, it looks best on white or light color backgrounds,
and you can use it on any solid/non porous surface.

The possibilities are endless!  
Durning our class we'll be exploring some of those possibilities.

Class Project Include:
~ Note Book (Learn to make 2 types of washi flowers.)
~ Photo Frame (There are 4 different crafty quotes to choose from.)
~ 2 x Tea lights
~ Pencil
~ 3 x Tooth Pick Banners
~ 3 x Binder Clips
~ Birthday Tag (Learn to make a twist tie)
~ 3+ Paper Clips (Not Pictured.)
~ 2 x Clothes Pins (Not Pictured.)

The ladies in our class will be able to choose from many 
many styles of tapes as they have access to my personal 
supply as well as two other ladies will be sharing theirs.  

When ever I do a class I try to do a run through either on 
my own with the help of a friend or family member.
This time I lucked out and my wonderful mom helped me.
She had a blast and even said she can't wait to take it again :).

I'll be back again soon to show off a few of my sample 
projects using the super cute washi tapes I've acquired.  

*Looks like I'll be posting a little more often 
if my nifty new toy (iPad mini) allows me to.
Have I washi taped it yet? 
No but I have thought about it :).
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