Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Mojo Ran Away this Month!

Seriously :).

I wish that I would have been more productive
this month, but I wasn't even close.
Sad, very Sad.

I've done projects, but nothing outstanding.
This past week on Facebook I posted as my
status that I should do something crafty.

That same day my buddy got after me :).
Erin called and with in our 20-30 minute
chat on the phone,. Erin asked me at least
5 times what project was I going to work on.
She tried to her best to get me to do something.

I tried, too.
I tried 3 projects.
Two ended up in the Trash.
The third is below.
A sad attempt on my side to complete a project.
It's cute, but even my mom said,
"I've seen you do better!"
Haha, even my mom got after me.

I will try even harder this next month to do more.
I love it, but I think I needed a break.
I didn't travel at all this month.
All I did was clean house, small
projects like below and sit pretty.
I admit though this last week I've been with my mom
now that she's home again. I missed her.

On Juju Bee's I hosted a Card Kit Swap.
My partner Sophia sent me a beautiful Kit.

Here's the Card I made using the kit.
I do have plenty left to make more
cards and I'll be doing that soon.

Here's a Card I made for a fellow DT Bee, Trisha.
The Flower is a lapel pin so I have made
the circle it sits on to where it will
move so she can remove the Lapel pin.

I made a total of 6 of each card below,
but these are the 3 I have left after sending
a few out and sending a few to my mother in law.

This is my sad attempt of a
project that I mentioned above.
It's not ugly, just not the normal.

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