Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's all about Felt!

Day 2 of Projects :).
Today it's all about Felt!
I have recently learned how
to use a sewing machine, however
I still prefer sewing by hand.

A few months ago Mom and I each got a
Fiskar Trimmer and mom immediately went
in search for all the decorative blades.
She got us quite a few!!
And the new challenge was how to store them.
I came up with this felt book with
little pockets for each blade.
Outside with Chipboard Insert to make stronger.

Inside with pockets.
Had to add the flap to insure the
blades would stay in the pockets.

Since I was already having fun with
the felt I decided I needed a little pouch
to store all my extra stylus for my Gypsy!

A couple weeks ago Justin and I went
Joann's and I picked up some really cut
quarter cuts to make a fabric owl.
The next day the Sewing machine and I
had a fight and the sewing machine won.
I found out it's very smart to
add a backing to thin fabric.
Something I still need to purchase.
So since the sewing machine refused
to help me make an owl, I pulled out
my felt and started to hand sew!
It's she cute??
I just need to add a bow and she's done!

(Ok, I admit she's not that
cute, but I'm proud of her!)
Thank you all for stopping by!
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