Wednesday, December 8, 2010



I have been MIA for much to long.
I am so sorry!
Things have been very busy since
September and as for it slowing down,
I am not sure if it will.
But I am happy, and very exhausted.
Small projects have been done here
and there, but I really haven't been
in the mood until the last week or so!

My friend Jennifer has helped me
redeem some of that lost mojo lately!
Thank you, Jennifer!
I've been helping her with little
projects for Christmas Gifts.
It's been a blast.

Jennifer asked to do Candles, so we used
a technique I learned a few years ago.
You stamp on tissue paper, and melt it into a candle.
(Dollar Tree candles work perfectly for this project!)
We used brads to embellish the cactus.

I should have mentioned her gifts are for
family from outside of Arizona, so many of the
gifts she's gotten for them are AZ related.
She's a smart cookie!
I think I'll make a tutorial for this in the near future.
The project is easy once you get the hang of the process.

I have always been curious about Sculpey,
but until I met Jennifer I never tried it.
Jennifer wanted to make ornaments for gifts
and I asked if I could play too.
Lucky me she said yes.

I made the polar bear on the left
and the penguin in the center.
Jenifer made the polar bear on the right.
I made my penguin, but LOVED her polar
bear so I had to have my own, hehe.
The penguin is for my brother Joe, I
might try and make another one though,
this one doesn't stand on his own, nor did
I make him into an ornament. Opps.

While our creations were baking,
Jennifer's little boy, Joshua, and
I made a little house ornament.
Okay, okay I made it but he picked
the paper and the sticker!
Isn't he just ADORABLE?

I got my pattern HERE.
I revised the pattern alittle with tabs on
the house to attach the roof and the base.
I hope to make more soon. They are supper cute!

I'll be soon with more projects to share.
Happy Scrappin'!
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