Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Our second crop this year is the day after
Valentine's Day, so I wanted to make a
special gift for each lady attending.
Something personal, something sweet
and something to pamper them.

My last post was my Zentangle piece
and I've been thinking about
shrink-a-dinks so I combined the
two to make little charms of art.

Each piece is the first initial of one
of the ladies. I used repeating patterns
in them all to make them a bit easier
and faster for me to complete.
Two have special designs.
The letter D for my mom,
has cupcakes :). And one of the
Ks has a butterfly for me.

Below is a mini tutorial on the steps
I took to complete the charms.
As well as the individual photos of the
other items I used to complete the gifts.
I used 4 inch letters and a pencil to
trace my template on to shrink-a-dinks.
I then cut out each letter.
I used a thin Sharpie
 to doodle my design.
I baked the shrink-a-dinks just as the package said.
2-3 mins at 300 degrees with a piece of parchment
paper under a the item and one on top.
Size difference from unshrunk to shrunk.
Once the initials were baked and cooled I then put
a thin layer of glossy accents on top to
make sure the sharpie wouldn't rub off later. 
The finished initials with jump rings attached.

Chalk board vinyl labels.

The charms, paper hearts &
baby food jar lids all done.
My husband used red vinyl to
cover the jar libs.  pretty nifty.
I made brown Sugar Scrub to fill each jar. 
As a tag I used business cards printed
here at home with the Sugar Scrub recipe
as well as a simple Valentine's Greeting. 

Because the cards were so long I
opted to score the card just below the
greeting to fold it under and make it shorter.
Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe:
 1Cup Brown Sugar
1/3 Cup Olive Oil
2  TBS Honey
Mix it all up and put it in a contianer.
Original source:
I know one of the
ladies gets my blog updates so,
Bea, PLEASE act Surprised lol!
Happy Valentine's Day
Crafty Friends!

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