Wednesday, July 30, 2014

MOPS Feather Key Chain Tutorial

After sharing our welcome gifts with fellow MOPS Leaders I've been asked to make a tutorial on how to make them. Below in the supply list I also have links to where I bought our Feather Key Chain supplies. 
-Supplies Needed-
Key Rings:
Split Rings 7mm:
Feather Charms Lg:
Aquamarine Gem Beads:
Spacer Beads (Can be Found at any craft store.)

-Tools Needed-
Paper Piercer
Small Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters
Chain Nose Pliers
Split Ring Pliers
The Split Ring Pliers are not necessary but they help quite a bit.
Open the split ring enough to get the loop of the key ring on.
Once the key ring is on I move to a pair of chain pliers for a better grip. 
From there you can attach the feather charm.
All Linked.
Add your beads to the head pin.
Using your fingers as your guide, put your thumb just above
the top bead and right above your thumb cut the wire. 
After being cut.

Next loop the wire using the Small Round Nose Pliers.
Hook on the the split ring of the key chain.
Close the gap using the Chain Nose Pliers.
(I apologize for the blurry photo.)

I made my image on
Printed it out on card stock at 3.75" x 5.75".
I placed a key chain on top to measure
where the key chain should be attached.
I poked two holes and used floral
wire to twist tie the key chain on.
The back.
The finished card and key chain fit
perfectly into a 4" x 6" jewelry zip lock.
Most craft stores including Walmart sell these bags.
You should be able to save this photo if you right click. 
to add text with your MOPS Name.
Please comment or contact me if you have questions.
Happy Crafting!

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